Burnout Dominator Review

IGN review Burnout Dominator.

Criterion's Burnout franchise has dominated the arcade racing genre for the past few years, and for very good reason. The developer essentially perfected the series' control response and feeling, it's fast as hell, looks fantastic and features some insanely cool crashes. While Criterion is hard at work on Burnout 5 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, EA UK has given PlayStation fans a reason to rev up their engines in the interim.

Burnout Dominator is quite clearly a throwback to the old days of the series. Its focus has returned almost solely to racing, what with things like traffic checking that we saw in Burnout Revenge having been removed from the game. Burnouts are back, encouraging you to keep your finger on the boost at all times, and the track design is geared more for long and huge drifts rather than Takedowns...

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techie4336d ago

I suppose no one cares and is wating for Burnout 5. Shame. Oh well if anyones interested it only got an 8...mainly because it lacks features of the previous games.

4335d ago
mishmosh4335d ago

My friends and I have trouble joining private matches all the time. We keep having to start a new game. Very common problem... EA does nothing.

MaximusPrime4335d ago

it may happy to you but not to me. I have no problem when using EA server.