GameSpy: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Review

For shooter fans, the combat is still outstanding, and you'll get a great eight hours or so by the time you reach your final encounter with Alma, although fans of the first game may feel like they've done this before. In many ways, F.E.A.R. 2 feels like the middle chapter in a trilogy, and there's certainly enough momentum here for at least one more run.

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Lazarus693589d ago

8 out 10 is not a bad score

DelbertGrady3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Depends on what game that receives it ;)

I'm gonna pick this one up, it looks to be a real solid title.

Cartesian3D3589d ago

first FEAR was amazing.. this one is a must play for me too.. but not anytime soon(reason : KILLZONE2) , and I will get this for PC ..

SL1M DADDY3589d ago

The game is a definite for me. The demo only convinced me that the pre-order I had down was worth it.

Yomiro3589d ago

Anything groundbreaking added to genre