Killzone 2 unpacking/opening video from Middle-East - it's out!

Apparently some guy in the Middle-East have gotten his hands on Killzone 2 already.
The video shows how the removes the plastic from the cover, incerts the disc and plays around in the menues before he starts playing. Looks real to me!


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Ninja-Sama3535d ago

Everyone's getting a copy except me :(

Storm233535d ago

so jealous right now. Wow. That would be awesome. :(

hakis863535d ago

I want it so bad... so unfair that they have it already!

Cool Hwhip3535d ago

Ha,clever of Sony to advertise Resistance 2 on the back.

hakis863535d ago

Haha yeah I noticed - maybe they want to boost R2 sales xD

rockleehong3535d ago

I have to wait till 2/27

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