Killzone 2 controller lag might be demo-only issue.

Guerrilla dev answers some questions on the official Killzone forums.
One gamer asked for the controller lag issue and Mother666 had this to say:

´´This is something I am looking into at present. Will let folks know soon enough, but we think it is a demo-only related issue.''

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Hellsvacancy5575d ago

All these people moaning about the controls hav any of them thought to themselves that maybe the controls are fine its the idiots usin them thats the problem

Ninja-Sama5575d ago

I've played the demo so many times and the more I play it the more I realise how much better the gunplay is compared to other games.

It isn't that spray and pray noob BS you get in so many other games. You actually have to aim your gun in this game and fire in controlled bursts ala counter-strike. I love it.

5575d ago
ultimolu5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

I'm playing the demo until I master the controls. But other than that, it works like a charm for me.

OMG, 17 more days! *___*

meepmoopmeep5575d ago

it took me my 2nd/3rd replay to get use to the controls again.
no problems on my end.

a good gamer is one that can conform to every game's controls

PS360WII5575d ago

Well I don't think people are idiots if they don't like a controller setting.

That said I kind of liked that delay. It's like the delay we all have from having your brain tell you to do something until your body does it. Takes some getting use to but makes it a fun challenge.

Shroom5575d ago

I don't know, but the "lag" could be the tv the people are using. My roomie's tv creates a slight lag when played through component cables.
Switched to vga cable and lag was gone.
Just an idea.

Cool Hwhip5575d ago

On a slightly different note,it took me 4 playthroughs of the demo to realize I have a Knife at my disposal(With Alternate 2 on,hit the right button on the D-pad).

jwatt5575d ago

That's the same thing I've been doing, playing the demo over and over so I could be one of the best online.

gamesmaster5575d ago

its the weightiness that guerrilla added to the game to add realism. people seem to think its a problem...

joydestroy5575d ago

yup, i've played the demo now several times over and each time the controls just feel more and more natural. i've never played any demo as much as i've played this one lol

Ryo-Hazuki5575d ago

there is no such thing as a control issue on killzone 2.....whats so hard about switching to alternate 2 and turn on the zoom hold function...and BAMM..

jBat175575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

* the ads are lame, not a bad-ass diorama, which a kid in middle school can do
* haha, did not solded 11 millzions copies liek gaylo 3 on day #1
* ok, so the KZ2 is the king of all fps BUT ps3 controller sucks for fps
* der are more ODST sales than KZ2, patetic
* cod4:MW2 will pwn this one. we jsut needs to wait 9 months

gaffyh5575d ago

It's not even a huge issue, I personally didn't even feel the lag.

cryymoar5575d ago

the same people who couldn't get the controls for LAIR right cause they were too slow, stupid, and lazy.

Tarasque5575d ago

Man alot of defensive peeps on here, Yeah no control problems it's the person playing. Just like the person playing is causing constant frame drops.......RHMFE. A foreal gamer wouldn't cause frame drops they would adapt and look at the ground while playing. Maybe it is my problem when i hit my reload buttons 3 times and it still doesn't respond, maybe you are right i need to adapt maybe i need to play the whole demo only using a knife. Maybe i am not using my right thumbstick right is there any other way to use it, other than moving it around. Fill me in cause if i am not using my thumbstick right and cause it not to respond as it should then please help me.

beavis4play5575d ago

i think they fit in fine with the realism of the game. i love the way the demo plays. i think the game would lose something to make it like UR tournament or COD.

dantesparda5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

The problems is YOU and you're fanboyism, cuz there is no problem with the controls. There is nothing wrong with the controls. The problem that people are having is that when you turn to the left or right, the gun doesnt turn at a 100 miles an hour and i guess alot of people prefer that, because thats what they're used to. Whereas I appreciate the extra feel that the speed of Killzone 2's turning speed gives you, its more realistic and has more feeling. Just turn up the sensitivity and it will at least speed it up for you. Maybe not give you the million miles an hour speed that some of youse are looking for. But it'll speed it up for you none-the-less. And the other issue that some people are having with the controls is they are not exactly the same/mapped out like COD4. And even though you can get it close enough to that game, people (cough, 360 fanboys mainly) still wanna complain about it. Its all just a "preference" issue more than a actual problem with the controls. And that is not a problem with the game, but rather a problem with you and your preferences.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

I think I have a s-s-s-stuttering problem with my eyes because all I see is d-d-d-denial. Need proof? go to the Sony forums there is a huge list of people talking about this.

Tarasque5575d ago

Maybe you can't read well, or maybe you are trying to be a defensive @#$%. I said nothing about the aiming speed which i turned it up in the demo anywho. When i make valid points of hitting a button 3 times and it still not responding you are going to be a lame arse and tell me adjust my aiming speed and call me a fanboy, you can try to blow smoke up my @ss all you want i played the demo and and the frame drops and controls ruined it for me i repeat RUINED it for me. Just like any other fanboy in denial. To clarify, it's not about slow turning/aiming speed, it's about the acceleration of that speed and the responsiveness of the moment you move the stick, and which the gun responds. Sorry it doesn't fly with me the controls suck and nothing you can say or do will change the fact, so live with it.

uie4rhig5575d ago

to shut everyone up, they should allow you to customise the controls however you want, you can assignment what running is etc.. only then we can move on to the next 'kz2 sux' argument which will then be killed, and we start all over again


nycredude5575d ago

Who are you two kidding? Do you think all of us on N4g are idiots? The two of you have been trolling everything Killzone 2 related and bashing the game for the longest. I doubt you guys even have a Ps3, let alone played the demo. Because unless you too are blind, there is no denying how good the game is. Maybe you should try playing the game with your eyes open.

On a different note if the demo pissed you off and the controls ruined it for you then don't buy it. Go play Fear two since it is out tomorrow. Seriously continuing to troll in the threads and crying about the controls when it is obvious you don't fancy the game is retarded!

At the ones who are really having, I have played the demo and I know many people who have and none of them have this problem. Hopefully it is an isolated issue but if not I am sure it is or will be fixed for release. Just relax.

FYI Gears of War 2 MP was JUST fixed for christ sakes.

Microsoft Xbox 3605575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

Those two xbox fanboys are just trolling and exaggerating. It's either that or they lack basic adaptation skills.

YoMeViet5575d ago

come on guys....don't feed the trolls!

The controls are awesome, alt 2 is CoD4 style so there is NO need to complain unless you all hated Cod4 controls. Only thing I like to see is a toggle for cover and not a hold for cover, b/c its hate holding down both L1 + L2 to shoot. Other then that, you are all so dead on the 27th MUHAHAHAH

PSN: youmeviet1133

JasonPC360PS3Wii5575d ago

http://boardsus.playstation... 8 pages of lag complaint... but hey, it doesn't exist right?

<---walks away whistling