Game Vortex: Boingz Review

Game Vortex writes:

"It's hard to sing the praises of Boingz over our disappointment with the marginal control scheme and dodgy physics. It also feels wrong to pan the game since it introduces such a neat and well thought out concept. Perhaps with Boingz 2.0, we'll see more fine-tuning of the control scheme and refinement of the physics behind stretching and launching the little Boingz. Until then, we'd classify Boingz as a curiosity, fun for adventurous souls that have Wii-Ware credits to burn or patient gamers willing to forgive some rough edges for a unique gaming experience. The challenge in recommending Boingz over some of its competition on the Wii download service is that there are a host of better realized games available for a player's dollar, such as World of Goo, the Art Style games, or something like Lost Winds. If you've played all those and still need more, you could do worse than invest in Boingz and give these stretchy little creatures a whirl. Or a spin. Or a launch."

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