Game Positive: Phantasy Star IV Review

With only a few outdated speed-bumps along the way, Phantasy Star IV is a surprisingly innovative game with simple presentation and execution. RPG fans looking for an escape from complicated customization, overly-involved battle systems, and nonsensical yet clichéd plotlines should take a break with Phantasy Star IV. The game finds a happy balance between the soulless grind of text and numbers and the confusing blur of melodramatic plot-twists.

* Slick, well-paced battle system
* Nice manga panel cutscenes
* Macro and combo systems make battles quicker yet more strategic
* Party members come and go when they should

* Significant increase in difficulty halfway through
* Poor menus and item descriptions
* Lots of HP maintenance required in dungeons
* Later dungeons can be frustrating

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TheColbertinator3535d ago

Great game.One of my all time favorites.