Techtree: Killzone 2 Review

Techtree: Overall, this is one of the best FPS games ever made, and the best PS3 shooter. The visuals are breathtaking, the combat is challenging, the MP is rewarding.

My only problem with the game has to be the missing co-op mode. It's cruel to create such excellent levels and not have co-op. This is the game for the PS3, something that everyone should try and all PS3 owners must buy.

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aswan3536d ago

Another great review that make Edge look retarded

jammy_703536d ago

then why the 9? deduct points cuz of no co-op
i hate that! why don't critics review whats there instead of whats not!!
still good score non the less.....

edgeofblade3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Yes, you can grade a game for what it's missing. What makes you think you can't or shouldn't? We expect online multiplayer these days, and if the game has OFFline multiplayer, we mark the game down.

Same thing here. We expect online co-op with at least 4 players. And we don't get ANY co-op. Totally valid deduction.

Also, stop whining that your darling savior of the PS3 got a less than perfect score.

znu3536d ago

Ok unlike the majority of people here i wanted co-op in this game
enough to mark it down? probably not

Enough to prevent me from not buying it...maybe. HEAR ME OUT BEFORE U JUST START SPAMMING AT ME
Co-op is important to me cause the majority of my free time is with friends and do these guys wanna watch me play this KickA$$ game?
No they wanna play it

I love Resistance 2 mainly due to online split screen...
Alot of people don't have the luxury of owning a next gen console (contrary to popular belief) so playing via Party isn't a great option specially if u have ppl over at the time

Killzone 2 is an amazing game but i can't help but feel on the fence on buying it due to its lack of Co-op... I probably will but it anyways xD but still an added coop for this game would b great

Ausbo3536d ago

don't review a game based on what it doesn't have. They did the same with the force unleashed. People took off points because it didn't have a multiplayer. Review what is there, not what should be there.

JHUX3536d ago

I want co-op and offline multiplayer with bots. Online is always fun, but sometimes I want to go back to the goldeneye/perfectdark64 roots. And from what I have read there is no offline mp :(

Traveler3536d ago

@ edgeofblade

That really doesn't make a lot of sense. Since when has co-op been a REQUIREMENT for first person shooters?

Your theory doesn't hold water. Other FPS games that lacked co-op were not docked for it. COD4 had no co-op and yet it is one of the highest scored FPS this generation. Or take Bioshock--one of the highest rated games, period--not only did it lack a co-op mode, but it also COMPLETELY LACKED A MULTIPLAYER MODE OF ANY KIND. So, no co-op and no multiplayer whatsoever, yet Bioshock is one of the highest rated games this generation.

If FPS games in those cases were not docked for their lack of co-op, why do some people act like Killzone 2 must have it. Like Bioshock and COD4, Killzone 2, even without a co-op mode, offers a wonderfully full gaming experience as it stands and is well worth a gamers time and money. It is hypocritical and inconsistent to dock Killzone 2 for its lack of co-op.

Danja3536d ago

It's stupid to review a game and deduct points from the score because the game doesn't have a feature u wanted in it..

Review the product for what it the gameplay Broken without Co-op..?? no it's not....GG didn't intend for KZ2 to be co-op experience from the get go , they have stated they went in it trying to make the best "SINGLE PLAYER' experience they could not Single player and Co-op experience...

not every game needs to have co-op , just like not every single game needs online....these journalist and reviewers need to do there job which is review the game..and not try to tell the Devs what to do....

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ToeKneeHaze3536d ago

co-op is not the defining feature of a game

please reviewers stop rating games lower because of no co-op its irritating.

San Frandisco3536d ago

why are reviewers doing that man?
the point in reviewing games is finding the flaws or negatives that allready exist in the game not the ones that DONT exist damnit!

if it was that case then theres so many efing games that should be lowered in score: COD4,BIOSHOCK to name a few...

as far as wut i have noticed online... 98% of the gamers out there arnt even complaining and can live without the co-op feature... the only ones that seem to be complaining is the reviewers.

sh!t needs to be stopped man,this is reDONculous.

LeShin3536d ago

COD Modern Warfare 2, Bioshock 2 and Section 8 better have co-op since a lot of reviewers seem to be calling for it.

Honest question: does F.E.A.R 2 have co-op?

PirateThom3536d ago

Nope, of course FEAR 2 doesn't... and yet no one is making a scene.

BigPappaPump3536d ago

I bet you my paycheck if KZ2 was a multiplat game it wouldn't get the ridiculous "no co-op" deduction point. It's so amazing they would fabricate such BS because GG and Sony forced them on a crow diet.

Ausbo3536d ago

fear 2 didn't get great scores so that doesn't matter. Honestly i can't stand fear games

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