LBP Patch 1.09 Edam is *now live*

The latest patch for LittleBigPlanet, which was announced as due to go live at 9PM GMT, has gone now live at 9.40PM GMT.

LittleBigPlanetoid writes: "Patch 1.09, aka Edam is now live, having hit the servers at around 9.41pm GMT. It is 23Mb in size.

As announced on Media Molecule's blog earlier this evening, patch 1.09 arrives with a bang and gives us some epic bug fixes, which many community members will be very pleased to see arrive."

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i was just playing this yesterday.

fun game btw, for those that dont already know!

Nagis3590d ago

I was having little trouble with the fixes from this patch. So hats off to MM for this one.

On the weird side. Some of the objects in my level are kinda bunk. Minor issue, so nothing to worry about. Replacing the objects fixes this.

DrWan3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

i never had any of those problem on the bug fix patch, oh well i guess this patch doesn't really affect me. i am glad its fixed for those ppl who had the problem

the major problem i have; i am not sure if u guys have is that when i try to enter a random level, sometimes it takes really long and there is no indicator or progress loading bar, so u r just waiting and waiting and sometimes u press cancel and go in again then it's...all of a sudden fast.

so let me know if u guys experience it and visit my level (Mysterious Mine) and heart me plz, i will heart back.

LeonSKennedy4Life3590d ago

I got the update hours and hours ago...

I got it at 2 PM today.

xabmol3590d ago

I used to have to sign out when I created my levels. Problem solved I guess. Nice job MM.

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