KILLZONE 2: A Mini Control and Aim Guide

Since the release of the KILLZONE 2 demo the only major concern for many shooter fans has been the games control scheme. KILLZONE 2 posseses an incredible visual and audio experience that definitely separates it from any other shooter.

In fact KILLZONE 2 has been considered an action-packed shooting simulator because the overall movement and feel of the game is truly realistic. Nevertheless some users of the demo have had some concerns and recently a community member from IGN who goes by the name of Nib95 did a great job of breaking down this concern with a mini-control-and-aim-guide along with a nice video of him playing through the demo. Be sure to read the mini-guide before watching the vid. Check it Out!

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itchy183535d ago

one guy said on youtube:

"See? The controls are not doing what I can clearly tell you want them to do. Your adjusting is all over the place to compensate for lousy controls.

A good example is from 1:46 to 1:51"

-it's because Killzone2 doesn't have aiming assist, unlike cod4. That's why you have to adjust your gun before you shoot the enemy just like adjusting a gun to shoot the target in real life. in real life there is no aiming assist. GG wants to make an FPS game as real as possible.

CaseyRyback_CPO3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

The controls for KZ2 are different, and they fit well with the game. As many people have said, if you dont like it... Play COD, simple as that. no TRUE gamer is going to be turned off because they have to learn to not set their sensitivity to 10+.

Kz2 has recoil, so you have to shoot in bursts. No Auto Aim either. n00bs need not to apply.

Thats my guide.

beavis4play3535d ago

KZ2 makes the player think about strategy and making their shots count. sadly, many "gamers" are finding out how unprepared they are for this game..........and they're feeling frustrated.

feb. 27 can't come soon enough.
oh, have a bubble.

GrandTheftZamboni3535d ago

Is there any game that is not on Wii that you can just jump in and play? Even for Surf's Up you need to learn how to perform different rolls etc.

Bonsai12143535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

god forbid you actually need skill to play games, not just have autoaim on.. pc gamers laugh at assisted shooting and games with no recoil.

PistolPumptMonk3535d ago

I dunno... my only major concern has been which class am I gonna be when I'm poppin caps in multiplayer?


hay3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Wow, if "gamers" are b*tchy about Killzone 2 controls no wonder Ghost in the Shell: SAC (PS2) was received pretty badly.
K2 reminds me the times where games were actually games, not easy walk-through crap that 12 years old can manage to finish without taking a sweat.
If this game has bad controls those woosies didn't play real hardcore games or games with bad controls actually. I guess seeking challenge in games is something that new-age gamers don't know.
I miss those times that you needed some skill to play the game.

prunchess3535d ago

Then go into the control settings on the KZ2 demo, turn up the x and y axis sensitivity and choose "alternate 2". The control system will be just about the same as COD 4 MW. It's as easy as that!

I can't understand the whining about the controls, they're bang on once you make these changes.

Downtown boogey3535d ago

It's just hard to aim accurately due to the acceleration!
My record time on the demo is 4:14 BTW

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pimp6143535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

You will need a guide with this game. It's hard to control

beavis4play3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

maybe "pong" is a game more suited to your control needs?

itchy183535d ago

LoL @ beavis. bubble for the laugh! :D

beavis4play3535d ago

i just don't get why some people are so mystified by the KZ controls?

Max Power3535d ago

according too Pimp, he sold his PS3 as soon as he played and deleted the Killzone 2 demo. so i guess he'll never learn how to shoot in that game.

ar3535d ago

Pong is hard core. Never diss pong.

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beast3535d ago

Thanks Nibs for such a detail help.

Cant wait for KZ2

edwineverready3535d ago

Strange thing is they voted for Obama. no really the controls are great. i was in the beta and almost nobody complaint about the controls. i think there are also some xbox360 only users complaining to make it seem like a big problem. because all there other attempts to make this game fail did not suck seed.

wanaraceu3535d ago

After watching the video and playing the demo the controls make allot of sense. It is something that takes time to get perfect. You just cant point and shoot.

Think of car games... when i first played Grand Turismo it took a while to get it right. But once i did i loved the game it felt rewarding to play. People who say this game lacks something new are wrong the controls are unlike any other FPS i have played. and when i got the controls right it felt real rewarding.

I think this game is going to be the Grand Turismo of FPS. Thanks for the Shooting tips

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