Street Fighter IV Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus Chun Li Figure at Toys R'us members are reporting Toys R'us will give away a free exclusive Chun Li figure if you pre-order Street Fighter IV for either PS3 or Xbox 360. Other pre-order offers are the Street Fighter head band from GameStop and a coin from Game Crazy.

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sinned473565d ago

if the figure is just right, ill get it at toys r us. otherwise im sticking with amazon

Contrabandz063565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Im a TRU RZone DS...the fig will only cost me .01 :) (I'll wait a month or two to buy the game, Killzone2 is taking up my funds this month)

LONEWOLF2313565d ago

I already have the 4-inch Chun Li Figure in my hands.
Now all i need is the other figurine.

NMC20073565d ago

did you leave that open on purpose? I mean the door is WIDE open!!lol

Close_Second3565d ago

...Just seen my first footage of Street Fighter IV and although the art direction and the graphics look good I'm left wondering why there has not been a bigger leap since Street Fighter III.

A title like Killzone 2 gets hammered for not pushing the genre or offering anything substantially new in the FPS space. The same could be said for Street Fighter IV for the fighting genre. The only substantial different Street Fighter IV seems to have over previous Street Fighter titles is an HD coat of paint.

Where is the hit model, that is, take out a knee cap or rib and have the fighting style change. Where is the clothing and scenery damage model. Break the floor with a pile drive and you have to watch you don't stumble on a broken floor panel, etc. Why is the back ground still just scenery and not something you could use to your advantage in a fight. For instance, kick the $hit out of your opponent and land him/her on one of the generators (?) kicking out all that steam/heat and cause extra burn injurty as result.

The concept of having rounds that start from scratch is also so last gen. A new round should be treated like there was a break to take a 5 minute breather or something. Not reset the entire environment and be injury free again.

The whole fighting genre needs some much needed life injected into it and not just a new coat of paint. Street Fighter IV currently has a retail price of $129 in New Zealand. To be it looks like a game that should be offered on PSN for $20-30 NZD.

lephunk3563d ago

when it comes to the fighting genre... perhaps SF5 will bring those features... we can only hope... in the mean time... imma enjoy the sh1t outta SF4...