ZTGD Review: Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon

ZTGD writes:

"Crypto is back!
Everyone's favorite mass murdering extra terrestrial returns in the newest game in the Destroy All Humans series, Path of the Furon. After two solid outings last gen, the series sort of took a nose dive with the last game, Wii spinoff "Big Willy Unleashed". Can Crypto bounce back in his first big next gen offering? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

DAH: Path of the Furon finds our large headed anti hero in the 1970's. The journey winds through several cities around the world, following Crypto as he wreaks destruction. Along with series standards like the Zap-o-matic and the fearsome Anal probe, Crypto gets some new firepower both on foot and in the air. The UFO returns as well, although it's usefulness as a mode of transport is cancelled out by the inability to land/takeoff from anywhere other than a couple set landing zones in each map."

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Harry1903542d ago

360 exclusive for North America. I am very impressed.