Gamezine Review: Flower

Patrick Steen at Gamezine:

"Thatgamecompany work their imaginative magic once again in the beautiful and unique Flower.

SIXAXIS naysayers be damned. Thatgamecompany get it. They got it with flOw and they've achieved the same freedom with their new offering, Flower.

Out on the 12th February, Flower is Thatgamecompany's first PlayStation 3 game made from concept to production, which is evidenced in both the game's technology and gameplay.

In Flower you play as the wind, guiding swarms of petals by flying past flowers within gorgeous environments. You do so by tilting the SIXAXIS controller and holding any button to pick up speed. Flight feels entirely natural and you'll discover true freedom in the extensive vistas you'll explore.

Sure it's simple, but it's glorious to accumulate petals in sweeping movements and watch the flowers burst colour into the once monotone environment. At some points, blossoming a group of flowers will trigger an environment altering event; such as opening a new passage, or transforming a leafless tree into a veritable and vibrant ecosystem."

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MGOelite3542d ago

dont care hurry the f up with fat princess, ive been interested in that game ever since it was announced

techie3542d ago

Who the hell are you talking to?