Flower at 10 has aged better than its big-budget contemporaries

Ten years ago, the delicate indie game Flower was first released on PlayStation 3. Flower broke a lot of molds, turned a lot of heads, and spawned a lot of "is this even a game" soul-searching editorials, but a decade of hindsight shows that it's as much as 2019 game as it was a 2009 game.

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P_Bomb894d ago

First game I bought ‘n’ beat after my daughter was born. Late night, mom asleep. Lil’ girl in one arm while I six-axis’d with the other. Beat it on PS4 again years later on her birthday, just cuz. :)

Donnie81894d ago

I can relate. The last of us was the first game I played after my daughter died. At first it was hard but a semi healing experience as the game progressed. Flower is great though very relaxing game

P_Bomb894d ago

Oh man I’m so sorry. Sincerely.

You know, they say music is the soundtrack of our lives. Goes to show how far games have come that they too can leave these little footprints.

starchild894d ago

I'm glad it helped you heal. I'm very sorry for your loss. My first born son is only months old and I can't even imagine losing him. Games can be very powerful experiences. Sometimes more powerful than almost any other artistic medium.

RememberThe357894d ago

Cool story bro, really though.

bluefox755894d ago

This was way more heartwarming than anything I expected to see on N4G.

Supernintendo85894d ago

Bring to switch? Yes i enjoyed this to no end. It was beautiful.

mkis007894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Sony still owns the ip though so that would be a big deal if they allowed that. I think they should allow it personally; thatgamecompany has created gem after gem that will be remembered as art pieces. They have made their money off the games and more and should free them to the rest of the cummunity...they would still make money off licensing for the ports anyway.

starchild894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

They are releasing Flower, Flow and Journey on the PC, but honestly the PC is more neutral ground. I agree that putting them on rival consoles would be highly unlikely. It would be great if more gamers could enjoy these awesome games though.

boing1894d ago

Well, yeah. The same with The Journey and Flow. They don't get old because graphics are stylized and gameplay is quite unique.

PhantomS42893d ago

It's such a fun and relaxing game. Probably the best use of the sixaxis we got. A friend forced me out of my gaming comfort zone to buy this and Noby Noby Boy, didn't regret it what so ever. Ps3 had a lot of fun silly PSN titles that you really don't see this gen. Still waiting for my Shatter remaster and/or sequel.

mkis007893d ago

My first digital game: Pain. Brings back memories.

DarXyde893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

I always play this game, every year, on a relaxing, warm spring evening. I also have the soundtrack.

I have a special connection to this game. It really resonated with me and to this day, there doesn't seem to be much reason beyond "Spring has always been my favorite season". Go figure.