Is it really an Ultimate Collection?

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection is due for release this week for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, bringing several 16-bit favorites to the forefront for the discounted price of $29.99. But is it really Ultimate or is Sega blowing smoke our way? Let's break down the package and take a look...

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Yi-Long5602d ago

... there are only a few worthy titles in this 'ultimate collection', but those are the games that heve already been in many other genesis-collections, like the PSP-one.

But where is Revenge of Shinobi? Where is Speedball 2? Where is NHLPA? Where is Story of Thor? Where is Spider-Man? Where is the original (and better) version of Decap Attack? Where is Tiny Toons Adventures? Where is The Chaos Engine? Etc etc etc...

Plus I feel Sonic CD should just be released, which was the last great 2d Sonic. I know it's not technically a 'genesis' title, but still...

pwnsause5602d ago

yea, its not an ultimate collection, especially when Revenge of shinobi isn't listed. Sega is stupid as always.

Kamikaze1355602d ago

Sonic CD was in the Sonic Gems Collection. Actually, that game alone is the ONLY reason I bought Sonic Gems Collection...

ReBurn5602d ago

Revenge of Shinobi is a must-have. I'm disappointed that it isn't listed.

Motion5602d ago

I may be wrong, but I believe I heard that this collection consists of IPs that SEGA owns. I haven't looked into any of the games people are mentioning that are not included, but it may be because SEGA doesn't own the rights to those particular games.

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PirateThom5602d ago

It is missing a lot of titles. Sonic and Knuckles and the lock on games, for example.

It's also missing After Burner, Gunstar Heroes, Outrun, Super Monaco GP, Toe Jam and Earl and, most importantly, Zero Wing.

And Disney licenses, like Castle of Illusion and Quackshot.

Snoogins5602d ago (Edited 5602d ago )

How could they leave out Zero Wing!? While this does boast an impressive list of titles, they should have included all of the Shinobi series as well as the games you mentioned. Would it have KILLED them to have added a few Sega CD titles?! I know it's third-party but I want to play Vay again... Oh, and drop some loose change to license Shadowrun while you're at it!

ReBurn5602d ago

Zero Wing wasn't that great, IMO. I think a lot of people remember it differently because of all of the memes it produced. There were better shooters. Thunder Force III is something I would rather have.

Cajun Chicken5602d ago

Sonic and Knuckles is there.

TBH, all the sega IPs. This is the ultimate official collection of Megadrive games.
Thats all the Golden Axes, All the Sonics, all the Streets of Rage Bonanza Brothers...all the main owned Sega IPs are all there.

Anybody want the others, if you're expecting IPs from other publishers than Sega you won't find them here.

Some great games and I can't wait to own the games once again without resorting to an emulator/retro console.

mabreu5602d ago

If they redrawn all of the artwork to HD, like Street Fighter 2 HD, I would buy this on day one. But if this is just upscaled to 720p then I will just stick with the emulator on my PC.

Prototype5602d ago

You can make your own Sega collection, its called go to web sites and download the ROM's.

Some of those games I do miss playing however GameTap already has about 2/3 of that list with better titles to add to the list.

Sega should have a Sega CD collection to remind people who started the CD revolution (excluding Turbo Grafix 16 CD).

ElectricB5602d ago

There are alot of gmes on there that deserve to be there but I agree there are alot that are mroe worthy that aremissing. What about Aladin? (or my favourite) Bio-Hazard Battle and others already mentioned. Why both eccos? they were pretty bad.

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Sako4132d ago

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AsimLeonheart4132d ago

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