Neocrisis: The Bouncer Retro Review

Neocrisis writes:

The Bouncer, is a beat 'em up for the Sony PlayStation 2 video game console. It was co-developed by Squaresoft (now Square Enix) and Dream Factory.

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jazzking20015634d ago

the cutscenes looks pretty sweet

NovusTerminus5634d ago

I played the game back when it launched, and to this day it is one of my favorites.

Reibooi5634d ago

Would be nice if Square decided to come out with a sequel because there was hints of deep backgrounds to each character but I guess the chances are pretty much none.

Marceles5634d ago

As much as I still liked this game, I was always disappointed with the game not turning out like the trailer with the interactive environments (throwing chairs at enemies, kicking enemies off of railings, etc) and when the Matrix was popular it even showed the girl jumping in the air with the camera panning and then kicking an enemy. It was still a fun game though.

CobraKai5633d ago

Yeah, that was my one disappointment, not having the matrix shots. but other than that, it was pretty fun and beautiful to boot.

xwabbit5634d ago

Wish they would make a new one on PS3

Simon_Brezhnev5634d ago

yeah they do need to make one for ps3

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Relientk7759d ago

Kudos for putting Kill.Switch and Chao Legion on the list. I love those games and agree they're underrated. Kill.Switch is one of my fav shooters on the PS2.


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Tetsujin1373d ago

I'd buy this game again if it was re-released. One of the only beat em ups by SquareSoft and fun af.

isarai1373d ago

I still pop this in every now and then and play it through (it's very short) such a fun game

ApocalypseShadow1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

It wasn't that good of a launch game. Just pretty. SOR2 still embarrasses it. And that's on Genesis.

Urban Reign wipes the floor with it.

1372d ago
boing11372d ago

Anyone remembers Urban Reign? That was awesome too.

isarai1371d ago

I used to play the demo religiously! Wasnt till recently that i got my hands on a copy, can't wait to get to it