Kuma’s PlayStation Store Wish List of PlayStation 2 Titles

Hey everyone Kuma here with my latest post talking about the recent discovery of Sony removing Spongebob the movie video game out of the PSN store which was ironic because I did a video a while back talking about Sony making poor choices in the store. In that thought I decided to make a Wishlist of Ps2 titles, I hope you enjoy and share what you want to see in the store, stay frosty!

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DaThreats2330d ago

You said you wanted the Final Fantasy X :International Edition
Well they are going to make a Final Fantasy X HD remaster!
So you won't need to put that in your wishlist! ;D
It's already coming!

SavageKuma2330d ago

Well it is there just in case, but I hope the remastered version is the International one that would be cool.