Square Enix New and Upcoming European Releases (February 2009)

"So now you know what´s coming. The question is: are you ready to face the non-stop gamestravaganza formerly known as February!? We hope you are, 'cause March looks like it´s going to be CRAZY! See you then!"

Square Enix reveal the new and upcoming titles hitting European gamers this February and March 2009.

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TheColbertinator3566d ago

Chrono Trigger,Disgaea 3,Persona 4,and DQ5 are all games that others made or Squaresoft made 10 years ago.Talk about laziness.

The only game I can't understand is Pet Shop lol

Screw you SE and your closed theaters and lazy remakes

Liquid Snake3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

tell me about it, when you have shovelware and remakes comming from SE's arse like theres no tommorow, the economy isn't to blame for your 75-80% drop in sales, its yourself.

Tony P3566d ago

These are just SE published titles, I assume. Except for Chrono Trigger DS and FFXIII.

hay3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if they made CT sequel on the very same engine and visuals as first game.

Also I find it funny that Square sent C&D to the makers of Chrono Ressurection but they made half-assed port without any changes except some small dungeon and squeezing more money from pretty much the same game.

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gamfreak3566d ago

Don't you have anything new....?

BLUR1113566d ago

their asking you the same thing.

RPG Guy3566d ago

"OMG! Can you believe those graphics??!!"

Ummm....yeah! Have you looked at the NPCs? Hands and legs of main characters? BLOCKY. Square's got work to do on that game. Animations were stiff and clunky. Framerate was messy, though that will improves.

FFXIII's demo has a lot of proving to do for me in April...SO4!!!

....I will lose a bubble and get 10+ disagress because:

a) I did not state that it is BS FFXIII is multiplatform
b) I did not specifically designate the port for FFXIII's graphical flaws seen in the trailer
c) I mentioned SO4, a game not on PS3


Daver3566d ago

you will lose your bubbles because you are stupid, thats the only reason really

what was the goal of you post already?

Kushan3565d ago

It's hard to tell if he's just trolling or making a point. There's definitely a huge bias towards the PS3 on N4G, but posts like his don't help matters at all.

Gitaroo3566d ago

I think its pretty clear that wihtout Final Fantasy, Square pretty much have nothing left in their company beside ports and ports of the old games to DS. They don't even want to bring back franchise like Chrono Trigger.

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