Super Mario RPG Remake Brings Us One Step Closer To Chrono Trigger

It's long been thought that a Chrono Trigger remake is impossible, but the Super Mario RPG remake could pave the way.

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Ataraxias353d ago

It's already been said that they weren't motivated to do anything with the series unless the gang was back together, not really for any legal reasons.

FinalFantasyFanatic353d ago

I'm honestly happy with the Steam port of the game.


Super Mario RPG (NS) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Stephen LaGioia: "Being a polished remake of an already delightful experience, Super Mario RPG is a can’t-miss offering for veterans and newcomers alike. RPG newbies should appreciate the smoothing of its rougher edges, while returning players will no doubt like the added battle features which add some depth. The remake impresses most in terms of a spruced-up presentation and (relatively) more involved combat dynamics, but still adheres closely to traits that made the original so appealing.

Some refinements and QoL improvements give the game a sensibility more bound to the current decade, but the pacing and linearity can still feel very ‘90s in some ways — for better and worse. While feeling more “evolutionary” instead of “revolutionary” overall, this enriching Mario journey is still as memorable as ever, and makes a terrific swan song for the Switch."

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Super Mario RPG Nintendo Switch Review | NoobFeed

NoobFeed Editor Jay Claassen writes - Super Mario RPG is one of the few remakes that can practically speak for itself; it’ll get hold of you and somehow keep you going for the sake of finding the next part of the story. It’s a well-done remake in just about every sense, from the environments to the different enemies, while maintaining that infamous Mario silliness through it all.

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PS5 Best-Selling Console in the US in November as Sales Drop, Call of Duty Debuts in 1st

The PlayStation 5 was the best-selling console in the US in November 2023 in terms of units sold and dollar sales, according to figures from Circana (formerly The NPD Group). Circana includes the dates for the four week period of October 29 to November 25.

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eagle21184d ago

Spider-Man 2 is still selling well at No. 2. :)

raWfodog184d ago

Not bad for a console exclusive. Also impressive that Hogwarts Legacy was back in 3rd place after been in 10th last month.

Hofstaderman184d ago

Its only going to increase. The ideal Christmas gift for kids and young adults.

andy85184d ago

Certainly older adults too. I think all my friends have played it. People who grew up with the books are 40 now

repsahj184d ago

I'm glad that Spider-man 2 is still selling well.

Plague-Doctor27184d ago

>20% drop in all 3 consoles YoY

Comparing to last year with ~20% drop estimates are:
PS5 ~1 million
XSX/S ~584k
Switch ~584k (less than Xbox)

Definite sign that these systems need a price cut. The discounts ($350 XSX etc) didnt seem to go into effect until after this tracking period. PS5 didnt have any real discount and was just bundling games.

Playstation may have a hard time hitting 25M sold unless December is huge.

This might easily be Xbox's worst November since the original Xbox

Switch can at least say its a 7 year old system and last November they launched Pokemon scarlet/violet

Overall this was a much worse month than anyone expected

JEECE184d ago

Whew this isn't good. I wonder how much of this stems from COD not being the console mover it usually is. Yes, of course it is still selling and charting well, but even the weaker COD games do that, so that alone doesn't mean it isn't having an off year. The sentiment about it is generally negative so it may not be pushing new console sales in the way it normally would.

PS5 as well is pretty surprising. This was supposed to be the year it jumped because everyone who wanted one could finally get one (although in fairness by this time in 2022 it wasn't too hard). It's not a terrible month, but not what you wanted this November.

PS5 did well in the UK in November, so if that indicates a trend for Europe generally that month, it may make up some of the slack there.

Plague-Doctor27184d ago

Part of the reason is in 2022 Sony prioritized the US market so there was good stock in the US last year. This was the first year stock was really available in UK/EU which is why youre seeing an explosion in YoY sales numbers in other markets

neutralgamer1992184d ago


How much of the decline in total units sold and money generated has to do with Xbox not selling well even after a huge discount? And switch is getting up there in age so it’s also slowing down. PS5 is holding steady/growing while others are slowing down or being stagnant

Plague-Doctor27184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

No idea. They just mentioned each console is >20% down YoY in units sold.

Revenue may not be too significant of a drop from sales as the November data only includes Black Friday and Saturday where there would be any sales. Doesnt even include cyber Monday etc.

Hofstaderman184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

The guys at MS must be scratching their heads, they just paid tens of billions for Activision, highly publicized the purchase and yet they still getting their collective asses handed to them. What could they be doing wrong? I mean gamepass, check. Buying up the industry, check. Discounted the Series consoles, check (they have been discounted at various retailers for a long time before the MS discount). Third party publisher here we come. Bookmark this post; I told you so.

thesoftware730184d ago


They own the best selling game on that list lol...that is what they bought.

So to summarize, they bought A/B, including CoD, so all the money from the number one selling game goes to MS, even the ones from the number one selling console.

Hofstaderman184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Kind of pointless as they already spent big money and still cant fix XBOX. Whats more money going to do? They need a cultural shift and the only way to do that is to clean house starting from the top. My question is why havent they done so already? A simple inference, its already decided that the console business is done for them And they gearing towards gamepass on all screens and third party publishing with a very heavy emphasis on mobile. That why they bought ABK, not for the sake of XBOX but to try and trailblaze mobile gaming. XBOX consoles are winding down because you guys wouldnt call them out and swallowed and defended the gamepass model.

Gamingsince1981184d ago

Actually all the money doesn't go to MS Sony gets a decent chunk for each sale of COD too lol so MS is paying Sony now 🤣

Ironmike183d ago

Exactly and that said game has created more revenue than all of ps5 exclusives its win fir both ps5 gets cod xbox gets the money

ChasterMies183d ago

Phil already told you that even if Starfield was an 11 out of 10, it wouldn’t change Xbox’s marketshare. (Starfield was a 7.) I’m sure Micfosoft is a little surprised by how fast they are losing marketshare. I think they overvalue their brand versus PlayStation.

PhillyDonJawn183d ago

You clearly don't know how the gaming business work lol

Knightofelemia184d ago

Well it is the system with exclusives to draw the gamer in and also being backwards compatible with the PS4 there is also a library of PS4 exclusives as well.

badz149184d ago

The fact that Spider-man 2 is now selling more units than freakin Madden in NA is not talked about enough.

Another rarity is SM Wonders selling less than Dead Island 2 ytd. Maybe with digital numbers, it's closer to top 10, but for it to barely be in the top 15 is a little shocking to me.