The 5 Best Sniper Rifles in Video Games

TGS discusses the best sniper rifles in the business and what makes them great.

"Sniper rifles are powerful, accurate over long distances, and relatively light compared to weapons that fire explosive charges. The greatest advantage, however, is the ability a sniper rifle gives a player to be sneaky. You can risk your life (and stats), machine gun or shotgun in hand, by meeting a well-armed man face to face, or pick up a sniper rifle, climb the tower, and blast the fool from where he can't get you."


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ape0073591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

am sure killzone 2's will be 1 one of the best of all time

and btw,where's the gears of war sniper and the goldeneye\perfect dark 64 snipers?

zaza1263591d ago

Honestly, Im as excited for Killzone 2 as the next guy but why do you have to take a story that all gamers can enjoy and twist it in some way that killzone 2 is the best

buy a ps33591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

seriously dude their is a time and place for fanboy arguments. now is not one of those times STFU favorite is the lazar sniper from Halo2.

ThanatosDMC3591d ago

I think the special forces unlockable weapon for Battlefield 2 was the best. It's super accurate and extremely quiet too. Perfect for being in enemy territory without being noticed.

Unless a UAV flies overhead then... you're pretty much gonna get hunted down or an arty strike.

C_SoL3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

ape is right. I was in the beta to know. Killzone2's sniper rifle is probably the most coolest realistic sniper rifle ever in a game and there's nothing wrong with that. It deserves to be on that list. He's just saying it will be among the best. Killzone2 deserves the attention.

kwicksandz3591d ago

Perfect dark 64 has the best sniper of all time

It sees and shoots through walls AND tracks enemies automatically.

ape0073591d ago

oh I totally forgot

halo has 1 of the best

and about me for shutting me the f up

was there any fanboyism in my comment

I mentioned gears and 2 n64 games


LoVeRSaMa3591d ago

I'd say the AWP from CS and CSS [=

(Thats mainly due to the flickshot & Quick Scope)

N4360G3591d ago

I agree,the sniper rifle in Killzone 2 is sick,only 19 days left until Killzone 2 is released!!

kparks3591d ago

were is the BARRETT??????

bodybombs3591d ago

what about Unreal tournament 3, the sniper in that game rapes. i would have to say the perfect dark farsight would be the best of all IMO though, like stated above it can see through walls and shoot through them as well, with a tracking laser for secondary fire

ape0073591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )


"take her down man"

"one stupid gun"


"am going for cover"

"I don't wanna die"

"what the?"

"you b!tch"

perfect dark has simply the best enemy voice acting\death animation\shooting ever

nothing can beat perfect dark on n64

Alvadr3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

I used to love the Goldeneye sniper rifle.. It was awesome cause you could use it at distance or close quaters..

I used to be untouchable in multiplayer until someone would come up behind me and karate chop me. Damn the person who always used to play as odd job!!!!!

stevenhiggster3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

I totally agree with 1.7, and anyone who has played Counter Strike will agree too, no sniper rifle comes close to the "noob cannon" that is counter strike's AWP, one hit kills everytime, and the noise off it is unbelieveable! Love it. I have used most of the rifles on the list and the AWP is a massive ommission.

Montrealien3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

I agree, the lack of CS, CS:S`s AWP is just plain wrong. I mean that damn gun is banned from servers, lol, And that sound, oh how I hate that sound! greta gun, great sniper, deserves some recognition.

Bonsai12143591d ago

awp is far from a noob weapon. its not a one hit kill if you hit below the waist. it takes actual skill to use if you're awping against people who know what they're doing.

evrfighter3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

some of the prettiest and kewlest kills of all time were probably done with the awp.

sure a noob can get a random kill with it but in the right hands you'd better come out with ur crosshairs already planted on the dudes head or get a well placed twitch shot or its over.

seriously pro awp users are looked up to and idolized in the pc gaming community. as pathetic as that sounds...

of course getting a headshot on a chopper or jet pilot as he flew by with the 50 cal in battlefield 2 makes you feel really giddy inside.

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Bubble Buddy3591d ago

^ IMO, the most underrated sniper rifle in the game. This baby rapes.

jBat173591d ago

iron lungs makes this combo even deadlier

ZombieNinjaPanda3591d ago


M40 has to be hands down the best sniper rifle in the call of duty games yet. Perfect combination of accuracy and death. (:

IzKyD13313591d ago

M40 kicks the .50 cal's ass

SAiOSiN3591d ago

+acog in non-hardcore and stopping power. :)
hardcore search is the best though!

iHEARTboobs3591d ago

Stopping power and iron lungs, thats all you need. Can't stand the acog though.

kparks3591d ago

the m21 overkill and iron lungs

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xwabbit3591d ago

KILL ZONE 2 WILL RAPE EVERY FKING SNIPER!!!!!!!!! Lol i sound like a fan boy ! OMG NO! I'm getting the Why this fever! SH!T! JK.... you can see I'm bored...... *CRYING* ..... i want my mommy :(

ape0073591d ago




xwabbit3591d ago

I even get a disagree in open zone... some people rlly hate me 4 no reason LOL!

inbfour3591d ago

Resistance getting high marks.

Bubble Buddy3591d ago

What other sniper rifles can slow time down :P.

callahan093591d ago

When I saw this article title, I instantly new Resistance's had to be on the list. I'd put it at number 1, for sure.

Electricear3591d ago

I loved the sniper rifle in both incarnations of Resistance:FoM, and as soon as I read the title of the article, I knew it deserved to be in the list some where. I was happy to see it in the number one spot as it really is one of the most fun sniper rifles I've used in a game.

crillyconlig3591d ago

sniper is a joy to use, 2 levels of zoom, awesome pop sound as you fire, and sixaxis, it can work for you or agaisnt, minor movement in the controler to nail a headshot, or violent shake messes your shot completly, just like a shaky hand using a real sniper.

NaiNaiNai3591d ago

amazing how they got it to work after Killzone 1's sniper O.o that thing just sucked.

NaiNaiNai3591d ago

what..... all i said was that the killzone 1 sniper rifle sucked. i mean if you want to deny that then you a really really blind.