Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming To PS3: When, Not If

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most successful games of all time, and it certainly defined the JRPG; giving it massive exposure in the western market. For many, it was the first JRPG that they'd played and it holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many.

Fans have been caught in mass hysteria numerous times, starting with the Final Fantasy VII Tech Demo, and more recently when the Final Fantasy VII Playstation 3 was announced last month. Square Enix must clearly know the huge potential that this game has.

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meepmoopmeep3566d ago

i dunno, it's a little premature to say which platform it will (if released) be on.

but yeah, i'll buy it DAY ONE.


mephman3566d ago

I was informed that Sony own the publishing rights to Final Fantasy VII in NA/EU, and based on Final Fantasy XIII, I don't think they'd release it on the Xbox 360 in Japan.

GWAVE3566d ago

FF7 fans have been clamoring for a remake and trying to conjure up "evidence" that a remake has been coming since the early days of the PS2. If Sony happened to lock down the remake (if/when it's coming) as a Sony exclusive...oh, boy. You can bet on a lot of gamers rushing to the store to pick up a PS3.

meepmoopmeep3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

well, Sony didnt' publish the PC port, so who knows.

i don't care, I JUST WANT IT NAO!!!!

FFVII sold 2M in it's first few days in JPN.
i'm pretty sure it will sell the same amount or even more than the PS1 version did.

Gerry Mark II3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Well considering Sony pretty much saved Squaresoft from going bankrupt back in the day i dont think they will lose the publishing rights.

If it wasnt for Sony, Squaresoft/Enix wouldnt exist today.

Sony however doesnt have the publishing rights to FF8, 9, 10, 11 (obviously), 12 and 13 (obviously)

iamtehpwn3566d ago

"Final Fantasy VII remake coming to Playstation 3" and I had a heart attack.
god dammit.
don't do things like this to me.

hay3566d ago

@iamtehpwn: I almost had one too... But quick logical reaction was on time. It's not time for it yet. Not until FF13 is in development.

Israfel3566d ago


cayal3566d ago

FFVII remake will sell millions no doubt about it, and I am quite certain it will be done for PS3 (and perhaps the 360, depends on the publishing issue).

Jinxstar3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Everyone here says "OMFG I WANT YAY!!!" I bet you 9/10 of these guys who say that they want a remake will moan after the first screens are released because "It doesn't hold true" "The controls changed" "The story isn't perfect" or a million other reasons... We don't need a remake. Just a PSN DL of the original. The Original was great the way it is and any change at all will send gamers crying. i.e. Diablo 3 comes to mind recently... A shoot off of 7. maybe a side story of some kind. good idea. Remake is a bad bad bad idea. Mark my words on that...

Edit; I just wanted to add the game really was great for it's time... For it's time. just like Golden eye and doom and Super mario Bros... Now a days if you try and go back it's hard. It's dated. just like cartoons from when you were a kid. it's not the same. Square will have to change things to bring the game up to date and gamers will hate that. They will petition and moan and cry for weeks and fume and threaten to turn their backs and say "It's not right them changing everything". It's historically the way it is. disagree all you want but it's just not a good idea when there is nothing wrong with the old one... FYI I just recently beat it again for the 4th time.... The first time I played it i was living in Russia and all I could find was a jap version. I played it with my thai friend using a walkthrough and didn't know a single thing that was happening the whole time. I loved it then as I do now. I say again a PSN release is all thats needed anything else will cause way too much drama.

Edit 2: If you disagree please at least say why.

gamesmaster3566d ago

if sony have their balls attached they'd refuse to publish it on the playstion3 unless its an exclusive deal. i think thats the only way they could hold microsoft back from getting their mits on this one. (if it ever comes that is)

WhiteLight3566d ago

I will cry of happiness if they do a FF7 remake.

The Lazy One3566d ago

yea... they'd refuse, and Square would say f you and just not publish it on the PS3. If I were sony, I would pay the entire budget for all of the games I was producing to make 100% sure this game was coming to my system even as a multi-platform game.

If sony didn't get it, it would be absolutely horrible for them (even though I can't really see a situation where they wouldn't get it at least MP).

That said, people have been speculating this since before the PS3's launch, and everyone thinks it would be a great idea, but still here we are FFVII-less.

Alucard_4203566d ago

if i were square enix making a remake of PS3 i would have sony pay for the production of the game but yet the game would sale like crazy on PS3, and would end up costing less to make the game on one Disc, also considering how much extra content would be able to add in it also.i wouldnt place any DLC on the game i find that lame on a rpg, but people would still go crazy tho

ProperFunked3566d ago

i agree, a full revamp of the origianl with new twist and shiz, its really nesseary, it could be along the lines of Bio Commando re arms quality on PSN and ppl will still buy it no doubt because the experince was so great. but on my behalf, i've never actually played anything more then the demo on PC. so i truly feel as though im missing out on something amazing not having fully experienced this game and after playing crisis core, i would go out and buy this title for PS3.

prowiew3566d ago

Ok. Let square release FF13 first, then talk about a FF7 remake. But really I would love some others RPG remakes. Especially the old sega ones!. Panzer Dragoon Saga anyone?

gamesmaster3565d ago

i dont think SE would do that if sony refused to publish it unless its exclusive, SE know japan is where they sell the most games, in terms of next gen japan is ps3 territory so if SE wanted to make some proper money back onit, the playstation brand is essential. you think it being an xbox360 exclusive it will sell more? hello no but as a ps3 exclusive it will sell a hell of alot more.

xT-Virusx3565d ago

I would like to see the remake for the fan service and the new nostalgia. I WOULDN'T however be scared that it would change my impressions of the original. If they screwed it up it would only mar my perception of the remake. The orginal is and always will be awesome. A new game wouldn't change the past.

Jinxstar3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

@ xT and others...

I know what your saying but it has to be profitable to square. Basically a lot of people will see the changes and after them putting 26 million into a remake and everyone saying "They should have left a good thing good" They are out a ton of money... Like the other guy said a Bionic Commando Rearmed style remake might be a good idea. Update some cut scenes ala the DS remakes and your good... However thats not a remake so much as an update... I think most people want an update and not a "Remake" A remake means "Charlies Angels" it means "Dr. Dolittle" it means "Miami Vice" or in games cases "GTA 4" "Diablo 3" "REsident Evil 5" or any number of games that former fans loved in the past but mock the modern iterations because they either don't hold true(GTA4) or keep too much from the past (RE5) or the art is off(Diablo 3). There is a huge gamble of "Screwing it up" ala the movies I mentioned. A update would be ok. A version on PSN with a little more HD in it and a few new cutscenes would be sweet. I'd pay 20$ for it even though I have to original. REally guys and girls a Remake would be a bad thing. not because i wouldn't love to see the only part of the FF series story I really like brought into a new form or something but because It would just not be good. I love the game and would love an updated version but not a remake. If you guys can't see it with the examples I gave then i feel there is no hope... just think about it.

Spin off great. Side story sweet. New perspective with clashing characters awesome. Remake... not good. I guarantee 90% of those saying they would do anything would be let down by changes made to bring it to modern standard like changing controls, character models, cheesy story dialogue, esper(Materia) counts, animations and styles, Combat systems, color palette, set design, musical score, random number generators... I could go on with things they would need to update which some may be good but true fans will not like...

Thats just how it is historically... If they nailed it 100% with every former fan being 100% satisfied it would be a first.

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PirateThom3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Considering Square Enix are slowly making their way through the remakes, it's inevitable it will come.

meepmoopmeep3566d ago

i totally agree, it's WHEN not IF.

i want a FF-IX remake please.

coolfool3566d ago

I am not sure I want it to be made. When I first heard about it I was really keen to have a remake but when I started thinking about it some more I decided that is might change my impression of the game, change my memories and reminiscences. We all look back to this game with fond memories and they will always stay fond if we leave it the way it is. If we play a new version our memories of the game will change and what if the remake is bad? What would would happen to our fond memories? They'd all be ruin.

One thing we know for sure is that the remake won't/can't feel the same; the voice acting, the graphical upgrade will change it all, but what we don't know is if it will be a change for the good. Judging by how good the original was I would say that this would be a tall order.

TruEve3565d ago

I'd like to see a FFIX remake just as much as a FFVII! Hell, give me FFVIII too!

TheFART at Xbotkings3566d ago

Thats right my fellow Xbots, Sony has the publishing rights to Final Fantasy 7.

But Hey, we still got multiplats, DLC, a console with a 33% to 68% failure rate and games in 2009 noone cares about.

TheMART3566d ago

ah Nasim I see I'm still under your skin.

Damn I didn't know I am the rockstar here on N4G, the one you envy, the one you see as your master that you want a name close to mine.

I don't even feel honoured, because you only make shoarma all day.

TheFART at Xbotkings3566d ago

Why the fuk am i talking to myself?

PoSTedUP3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

i was like "o word? for real mart..?" lol until i seen that your an impostor ; )

NegativeCreep4273566d ago

"But Hey, we still got multiplats, DLC, a console with a 33% to 68% failure rate and games in 2009 noone cares about."

Wow! Its about time TheMART finally gave himself a reality check!

silverchode3566d ago

its hard to tell whos who since they're both idiots

TheRealNasim3565d ago

I stopped my trolling a long time ago, you PS3 trolls should do the same.

LeonSKennedy4Life3565d ago honestly aren't as bad as most of the users on here. At least you have valid arguments sometimes.

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peedie163566d ago

I would rather Square make a remake of FF8

LinuxGuru3566d ago

Same here! Loved that game.

Chris3993566d ago

- Mature, adult-looking characters.
- Well written love-story with a J-pop theme song.
- Tonnes of sidequests.
- Unparalleled last boss fight (FOUR BATTLES, and just when you think Ultimecia is dead, she comes back again!)

I could go on forever. To each their own, but VIII was hands down my favorite.

mephman3566d ago

Yea, the end boss was epic, and so was the ending cutscene. I think it's the best in any Final Fantasy game. I couldn't believe how long it was.

Selyah3566d ago

I'd quite like to see and FF8 remake as well but ff7 is probably one of the most influential games that SE have made.

blackpanther253566d ago

so that you can spam the summons until the final boss lol. FF8 had excellent story, but dear god the gameplay was so broken. I literatly spam summons from the first time i could get them till i defeated the boss at the end of the game.

Never drawed out magic and never used their limits.

cayal3566d ago

What is spam summons? What do you mean?

blackpanther253566d ago

In FF8 you use summons as much as you want until they die in battle. I just keep summoning different monsters until i defeat the boss. So using this summoning method i went through the whole game doing the same thing over and over again thus spamming summons.

INehalemEXI3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

I would give squall aura's and he would renzokuken alot. FF8 is a close second to FF7 for me, they should give it some more attention.

LightofDarkness3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

I enjoyed VIII's story a lot, but the game itself wasn't so great. VII had very good gameplay as opposed to VIII. If I wanted to see a remake I'd want VI. IV on the DS was a good choice as well, although the difficulty is more than a little overwhelming at first.

TBH, FFXII is the best one I've played since VI. I think the storyline is far more mature than almost any previous game, the gameplay is far more engaging as well. I know a lot of people don;t like it because it's not like other FF games in many ways, but judged on it's own merits I believe the game is far better than every one besides VI, and is on a par with VII ( based on personal enjoyment). Still, having played through Chrono Trigger once again on the DS recently, it's still by far my favourite JRPG. Just a damn fine game, and one that doesn't rely on fancy graphics or cutscenes.


For the record, I think FFX is the worst game in the series. Atrocious voice acting, characters that are nigh on impossible to relate to or care about, uninteresting gameplay, boring character designs in general, the whole problem with story elements being poorly explained (if at all sometimes)...

TenSteps3566d ago

to see other FF8 fans everyone I know always talk about FF10 and FF7 and fail to recognize that FF8 was just as good and had a great story.

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Dirty J3566d ago

why can't they just release old final fantasy games as PSONE classic on the PSn......?

Alex_Mexico3565d ago

so they can repackage them as DS or PSP games for $40 instead of $5-10 PSN downloadables.