Demo Wars: Killzone 2 vs. Halo Wars

Normally, you wouldn't pit an FPS against an RTS, but both demos came out at the same time and both games will launch within days of each other. It's a more natural pairing than a lot of people want to admit, because the cash lies where those two games cross. In one corner, there's the highly-hyped Killzone 2 and in the other corner, the second-string console RTS, Halo Wars. And the results might surprise you.

Loading Reality reports on two of the hot current demos and tries to weigh the two against each other on separate scales.

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lord_of_balrogs5342d ago (Edited 5342d ago )

The Halo Wars demo was suprisingly good and convinced me to buy the game. Now I have a full gaming month in March with RE5, SO4 and Halo Wars.

As I don't have a PS3 yet (hopefully in the future) I really can't get KZ2, but at least it saves me the choice of choosing which games to get.

resistance1005342d ago

I really did like the Halo Wars demo and i will be getting it when i see it for a decent price.

GiantEnemyCrab5342d ago

I am in no way an RTS fan but I played the Halo Wars demo and I was impressed by how much fun it actually is. It's not too deep and confusing like past RTS's I've tried and the tutorial was spot on. Oh, and the CGI work is some of the best I've seen ever! (props to Digital Anvil)

Fiona5342d ago

yes i agree, cgi was really really good.

Sayai jin5342d ago

I played KZ2 as soon as it was uploaded and it made me want to play the full game even more. I am a computer RTS person. RTS games on consoles have been less than stellar, but Halo Wars did a good job, The controls actually feel right. I keep telling everyone when and if you get a chance get a 360 and a PS3 and the only hard decision you will have to make is which great titles you want to buy.

WildArmed5342d ago (Edited 5342d ago )

to buy the games.
well Killzone 2 didnt need a demo to convince me. The beta was enough lol

Eitherway, Halo Wars REALLY changed my view.
All i play is Fable in-now-days since my xbox live expired.
(PS: Fable 2 rocks, dont be ignorant ^^)
Imma probably pick up Halo wars for my b'day March 21st. While Killzone 2 on release date. (it woulda been the other way around if the release dates were different.. or maybe not? who cares)

Eitherway, Im looking forward to Halo wars for its single player.. i dont wanna pay 4 xbox live.
K2 is my online affair lol
So i'll be switching between Fable 2/Halo Wars with K2 ^^
Granted Halo Wars might not last as long due to no xbox live :( dmn it.. hopefully i'll get a monthly gold free with halo wars lol

Spydiggity5342d ago

i don't see how they are facing off.

one is an fps, one is an rts. and both are exclusives to different consoles. they are in no way competing with each other. this article is lame. just tryin to piss ppl off.

WildArmed5342d ago

wtf is demo wars?
Another fanboy bait article.

Im glad that people on N4G have been mature so far about it. (scrolls down) yup.. it still holds true.. cant say the same for the Open zone for much longer thou

JOLLY15342d ago

I ma pretty sure that is it Blur Studios that did the cutscenes. I may have seen early footage of these and they had the Blur logo at the bottom.

solidsnakus5342d ago (Edited 5342d ago )

thats just sad. i dont even know if i should buy halo wars knowing g@y ass MS killed the devs behind it. such good devs, age of empires 1,2,3,mythology i played em all. all of them awesome games. rip ensamble studios 19XX-2009 (i dunno the year lol)

they should of killed their dev teams making your in the movies and all that casual bs nobody wants. hell dare i say it? even rare should of gotten the axe before ensamble did.

i mean seriously, what happens if this game sells over 2 mil? they cant just admit a mistake and rehire them? i dunno i just hope they start up another studio

StephanieBBB5341d ago

It's like comparing the feeling between OMG OMG OMG!!!11!1 to Yey!.

I played the halo wars demo at my brothers house but as im not a die hard halo fan my feelings might have been held back by that. The game was fun but I wouldn't buy it and It sure didn't show me something that hasn't been done before.

The KZ2 demo on the other almost made me cry. The graphics with the action and the tension was unbelievable.

If I had to choose between the two I would go with KZ2 but thats just my 5 cents.

callahan095341d ago

Downloaded both demos simultaneously, Killzone 2 finished way faster than Halo Wars for some reason (that actually surprised me), so I started that first. I've played through that demo a dozen times now. It's quite fun, and a lot deeper in terms of gameplay and options for going about things than it seems at first.

I haven't even gotten around to launching the Halo Wars demo yet. That'll come later. I keep on meaning to, but I just know it won't be as easy to get into as Killzone 2 for me, because I've never been an RTS fan (I didn't even really like Starcraft, to be honest... It's just too much resource management things to keep track of simultaneously. It's not the games' fault, it's my fault for being poor at that genre. I prefer turn-based strategy).

I figure that the RTS genre, especially since I don't play the genre, has a lot of stuff you have to learn and figure out when you start, which isn't the case for an FPS game like Killzone 2, which, if you've played one before, you can play that one. So, yeah, haven't launched Halo Wars yet. Going to wait until I can really devote my attention to it before I launch it, because I want to make sure I can properly "learn it" and appreciate it. I'm sure it'll be good. Hopefully I like it more than other RTS games.

Arnon5341d ago

Halo Wars demo available to all February 12th.

darthv725341d ago

both demos may have been released the same time but not to the masses. For kz2 you had to either preorder for $5 from gamestop to get the preload code (US) or you had to go about setting up a EU psn account. I think there will be a public demo regardless of location on or around the 26th.

Halo Wars is available to gold members but silver ones have to wait till the 12th. Both demos are pretty good. Yet just the same with all deoms...they leave me wanting MORE!!!

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BBCnewsrocks5342d ago

I loved the KZ2 demo, i already had it preordered anyway (steelbook edition) but the demo just got rid of any doubts that were left my head.
I don't have a 360 (yet) nor have I've only played the first halo, but i've still been interested in halo wars since I saw demo gameplay.
IMO they're both gonna be great games.

pimp6145342d ago

The killzone 2 demo was crap because of the controls and it had alot of glitches, plus the framerate wasn't stable. I had more fun with the halo wars demo

ape0075342d ago (Edited 5342d ago )

killzone 2 demo was awesome,am gonna try halo wars,my freind says it's good

also cannot wait for killzone 2 and halo:odst

guys,there's nothing better than having ps3 and 360 in 1 room,together

both try thier best to fulfil my gaming needs

love em

Sayai jin5342d ago

Man, I have been saying this over and over. Bubbles for you. There are people who say game x suck because it is not on this console or that game x has great graphics, but no game play. I sit back and laugh, because I know that each console has great games in their library and I can play them all.

MerkinMax5342d ago (Edited 5342d ago )

Join the club people. Own both the consoles, you're gaming needs will come true.

sniper45345342d ago

omg i knew this would happen lol, who ever wrote that article is a lifeless muderfuka lol

WildArmed5342d ago

Some sites are desperate for hits to pit two great games together BASED ON THE DEMO! wtf..
Seriously.. some ppl need a life ^^
Just flame bait IMO.

The author ends with K2 being a rentable, vs Halo being a first day buy.
(No im not saying K2>Halo or what ever)
Both are great exclusives, and some people will get mad over this 'verdict'.

Halochampian5342d ago

Demos can be deciding factors for people who dont invest time into reading about games like we do.

I tried both demos and and was surprised more by Halo Wars. I know people will look at my name and say "oh... he is a halo fan and is biased." But that is not the case. I wasnt even excited to play the Halo Wars demo. I didnt play it till late that night. I was blown away by how much I had out of it. I have put a lot of hours into the demo.

I played the Killzone 2 demo two times through. I loved the visuals but something about the slightly unresponsive controls through me off. and kinda made aiming a chore. I had crank up the sensitivity to try and make it go away. But it was good, though very short.

Another gripe I had is the barrels. I loved shooting them and watching the devastation but it seems to take you out of the experience because you were looking for barrels more than enemies.

well.. my lovely rant is over. Both were good. I was just surprised by Halo Wars

WildArmed5342d ago

If the demo's were for multi-consoles then it woulda made more sense to me.
Suddenly, a new flame bait type appears "Demo Wars".. seriously, they know they want clicks by this sort of thing.
Although, the author does make his stance clear.. starting 'demo wars' just for 2 exlcusives dat happen to be facing off very soon makes it sound like the author had nothing else to do but make a flame bait article..
He could have easily made 2 different articles.
Imma try to pick up both of the games ASAP.

Halochampian5342d ago

to me..

it seemed more like two impressions of demos slapped together to with "Demo Wars" slapped on it to get more attention.

He never compared the demos and basically just talked about them and ended up with which he liked more and what the demos did for him

king dong5342d ago

and if you want hits, just make sure your stuff is what n4g's community wants, and hits will flow. sad but true i'm afraid. there's plenty of sites that just leach hits from n4g by writing flame-bait material.

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Fiona5342d ago

thank god i own both consoles!!! but i probably get HALO:ODST, i played the demo of halo wars and it just didnt do it for me. ill rent it, give it another chance. And obviously i will get KZ 2. day one buy for sure.