Left 4 Dead 3d mod and screen shots

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"Are you one of the millions that watched the super bowl with those cool 3d glasses? Do you still have those 3d glasses sitting around and now don't know what do with them? Well you're in luck, In the Left 4 dead mod scene a developer by the name of Dragon has release a hack that allows users to play left 4 dead in wonderful 3d. The set up includes use of the GeForce 3D Vision drivers, and a registry hack. Not to much work for such a large pay off."

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ChampIDC3636d ago

Interesting. I may have to try this out of sheer curiosity.

ThanatosDMC3636d ago

You can try out this 3D jig at microcenter booths near the gaming department. It doesnt really do much... i actually think it's a hassle to wear glasses during gaming not to mention the shading of the glasses will mess up your eyes if played in the dark.

LeonSKennedy4Life3636d ago

Can't we get RealD glasses and use them instead?