Gametrailers: God of War II Video Review

Gametrailers have played through the entire game to give you the in-depth review you've been clamoring for.

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JIN KAZAMA4438d ago

Hey 360 fans, forget your 360 competing with the PS3, it first has to still beat the PS2. Think about it, the xbox got its ASS kicked by the PS2, and now, in order for 360 to even compete with PS3, it has to dethrone the PS2, which it still hasnt. This game looks as good as any of your 360 games. Wow, what a console sony made. Imagine what the PS3 has in stores for us. Dont try to say, well PS2 is beating PS3, they are from the SAME COMPANY!! Wow, this title is simply amazing, cant wait to buy it, play it on my PS3 upscaling it to HD, and in the near future, with RUMBLE on PS3.
Things are looking great. 4 million shipped...full steam ahead captain Sony. I see another knockout of the 360.

DC RID3R4438d ago


God Of War 2 is the ps2's last hoorah. AND a damn FINE one too!!

Sony's most exciting IP in imo!

I cant wait for the GDC, there's gonna be some FIRE!!!!!!!

techie4438d ago

lol i hate all these catch phrases..."play beyond", "jump in"...I say "get f*cked"