BOMB Review: Burnout Paradise Party Pack

BOMB writes: "We don't normally review expansions, but… there's no rule against it.

Visually stunning, suspiciously addicting (possibly laced with nicotine?), and supported by its developer WELL after it's release, Burnout Paradise is a game that never gets old, and deserves a place in everyone's collection.

Get our take on the downloadable add-on for Criterion's Burnout Paradise.

This new expansion (available for download, $9.99 U.S., PS3 and XBox 360) adds an entirely new 'game' to Burnout Paradise, although it is built on the same framework.

The Party Pack essentially turns Burnout into a party game, in the vein of Mario Party, or Wario Ware. Up to 8 players can compete using a single controller, each taking a turn, then passing to the next player."

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Marcelles253591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

i think its a waste of 10 bucks i have the game its amazing i just dont think it adds a whole new game to burnout