Dear Capcom

VG Watchdog Writes:

"Dear Capcom,
Recently, you've ignored your customers and fanbase. You've given us a "censored" Resident Evil 5 because of stupid media response (If you are unsure of what I am referring too, serach for resident evil 5 and racist in Google, it'll probably come up), you've shown us what fun the game could be but you've also forgotten a pretty big thing. Resident Evil is supposed to be the king of Zombie Killing games and you've gotten fat and lazy with it's title. Other games, Call of Duty: World at War and Left 4 Dead in particular, are trying to infringing upon the title and while they haven't topped you, they are starting the process to taking you out."

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farhsa20085604d ago

well i have to agree somewhat with this article even though i love resident evil 4 and so far the demo of part 5, however capcom it is time to listen to fans and give us what we want, i expect to see some dlc with replayability, who's with me?

RKRigney5603d ago

The RE5 demo scared me... tank controls = not fun in 2009

xwabbit5603d ago

AT first i wasn't looking even on buying the game but after the demo i did like it, liked the co-op and was fun. Controls didn't really bothered me, liked them really.

lord_of_balrogs5604d ago

It'll have the mercenary's mini-game.

Counter_ACT5604d ago

Theyre selling a tried and tested formula, they wont change it if people will pay for it.

bigjclassic5603d ago

I am a huge Capcom mark with over 40 capcom games in my house. Please do not listen to all of the babies crying over spilled milk. The capcom fanbase (which is HUGE) will by this regardless.

Oh and RE5 rocks.

jadenkorri5603d ago (Edited 5603d ago )

whats funny for saying a capcom game is good you got disagrees, im a long time fan of Resident Evils. Resident evil 5 being racist is absurd, if the game was based in Japan or China and your killing japanese/chinese zombies with Chris Redfield, thats not racist, but the 2nd you place a game in Africa with black people, its racist, im sry but its 2009, not 1809. Taken from wiki "A 1705 Virginia law stated slavery would apply to those peoples from nations that were not Christian." That was slavery, slavery of anyone who was non christian, so that means everybody else, so why was Resident Evil 4 not racist. People have got to grow up, and I'm 100% positive the people making a big deal about this are white, cause black people have more reasoning than this load of crap.

MiloGarret5603d ago

I think it’s because you lack emphatic ability. Imagine this, I’ll lead you through it step by step, maybe then you’ll be able to understand why some people might regard this game as plain out racist, or consider it to reinforce already existing and VERY REAL racial structures present in Africa.

1. Imagine you are black, not very hard, huh?
2. Remember colonialism, they did teach you about that in school, right?
3. Remember Apartheid, and other systems like it, which are still very much present in Africa in the informal and to some extent formal sociopolitical and economical structures.
4. Remember the incredible amount of violence exerted by white people on black people during the last centuries.
5. Remember slavery. What group of people has been overwhelmingly most affected by slavery in negative terms?
6. Consider the VAST differences in income and quality of life (in material terms…) between those who are labeled white, and those who are labeled black. Pretty huge, don’t you think?
7. Look at the systematic discrimination of black people on the labour market present worldwide, if you dispute this fact, please look into the astonishing amount of research conducted in this area which validates that fact. Fact.
8. Keep in mind the that discrimination of black people at the hands of white people is not exclusive to the labour market, but that it penetrates every single layer of society, effectively eliminating the possibilities of most black people to reach positions of authority and wealth.

9. NOW, think of a white man shooting black people in Africa.

If you don’t understand now how a game, where a white man, a military or some spec ops guy is shooting black people, can be considered racist… Well, I don’t know what to say. I actually don't think it is racist, I don't think it was Capcoms intention to make a racist game, but I fully understand how some people could see it as such.

L-a-i-n5603d ago

Left 4 Dead has along way before it will every be even close to RE. Im sorry gameplay may be great but graphically it is crap. RE manages to have high graphics quality and they keep the gameplay pretty well in tact. They really don't care if a small % of people don't buy it as long as the other 6 million do.

L-a-i-n5603d ago

I love when I get disagrees without a comment just shows me I am doing something right. If you disagree at least voice your prospective on the issue.

jadenkorri5603d ago

your replying to yourself, doesn't that say enough...

FYI - i did not disagree or agree with your statements.