TheStartScreen: Killzone 2 Impressions and Fanboys

The Start Screen Writes:

So, the Killzone 2 demo is finally upon us. That's if you pre-ordered at Gamestop and had access to the code, or you got up and made an EU account to download their demo. Those of you not familiar with the first Killzone, you play as Captain Jan Templar and the members of his squad, during the Helghast invasion of planet Vekta. It was also the deemed the "Halo Killer" by the media. Well, that was until the game was released and received mixed reviews for technical issues such as, bad A.I and frame-rate issues. It was praised in some areas however, for it's art design and soundtrack. I'll be honest, I hated Killzone.

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Killzone 2 has some of the best physics and AI on current gen consoles. Not even Crysis can match it in that department. I can understand if he dislikes Killzone 2 but I wouldn't just assume it has bad AI.

Aclay5613d ago (Edited 5613d ago )

Whenever he's talking about bad A.I. and Framerate issues, he's talking about the first Killzone game, not Killzone 2.

Timberland2K95613d ago

the loads that flick when your going into a new area are checkpoints not glitchy frame rates

darkdoom30005613d ago (Edited 5613d ago )

Yeah, i did notice a freeze once you reach the top of the elevator thing.

well, im ok with it. i mean the best looking game has no installs.

gamesmaster5613d ago (Edited 5613d ago )

hes talking about the first killzone game when he says bad AI and framerate issues. he enjoyed the demo and cant wait for feb 27th.

please read the articles properly before you post a comment on it. seems logical doesn't it?

Why dis5613d ago (Edited 5613d ago )

I agree the AI seems confused.

The jerky control adds some realism although you'd think seasoned fighters would be a little more steady. The graphics are overhyped and the textures are average. THE defacto rifle feels powerful but not being able to keep the guns more steady is odd.

Much of KZ2's environmental textures are no better than Halo 3 so with the character models.

The art is darker than Halo(not as cartoony) sort of fooling the mind of thinking darking means better.

gamesmaster5613d ago (Edited 5613d ago )

why dis

who are you agreeing with? the writer is talking about killzone 1's AI.

did you even read the description?

edit: oh so you disagree with the fact that i just pointed out that you have misunderstood his opening statement, i give up on some people.

bassturd5613d ago

bubble dis down and add him to your ignore. He makes stupid comments like that all the time.

as others have said, he liked Killzone 2. The negative things he mentioned are about Killzone 1.

pswi605613d ago

why dis is one of THE dumbest trolls on n4g, and of course he loves the 360, because only the dumbest of fanboys are 360 fanboys.

i guarantee he doesn't have a ps3, doesn't know anybody that does, and if he did, they would have to be smart enough to either:

a) create a UK account to download the demo


b) preorder KZ2 from gamestop.....riiiiiight

This is the dumbest statement i've ever read:

"Much of KZ2's environmental textures are no better than Halo 3"

and this gem:

"sort of fooling the mind of thinking darking means better. "

oh you mean like Gametrailers used to do with ps3/360 comparisons? cause i'm sure darker was better back then

Owned again why dis, owned again

BobDog5613d ago

the freeze at the top of the elevator was the save point...

Rock Bottom5613d ago

Why dis insults himself more with every new post.

Antan5613d ago

"The graphics are overhyped and the textures are average".


Much of KZ2's environmental textures are no better than Halo 3

LMFAO even harder! Why don`t you show us some nice screenshots to "prove" your point, and while your at it, have a look through the KZ2 reviews and copy/paste some nice Halo3 gfx comparisons. Thanks.

"The art is darker than Halo(not as cartoony) sort of fooling the mind of thinking darking means better."

No POG, KZ2 looks better, doesn`t run sub HD, reviews prove, screenshots prove, playing the demo finally proves. Halo3 is a great game no doubt but gfx was never its strongest point. Get over it.

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ape0075613d ago

the game is unbelievable

a whole new level

devs,use ps3 as the lead console and with blu-ray,the seas are open devs

Lord Shuhei Yoshida5613d ago

No wonder Microsoft shut down ACES studios.They had to pay no name sites for controversy.Looks like M$ is wasting their money again and again and again

GiantEnemyCrab5613d ago

"PS3 fanboys, shut up. Not everyone on the forums with opposite opinions is an evil, "xbot". Everyone will disagree with you at one point or another. You need to learn that. Can't we all just get over our differences and play the damn game?"

I think the last sentence was talking to you.

This was a positive and glowing review of the game but you still accuse them of being paid off by MS? LOL! Maybe you are just kidding since we are in the Open Zone?

Lord Shuhei Yoshida5613d ago

"I don't like Killzone 2"


Ha! Thats all the proof I need

NegativeCreep4275613d ago

Pay no attention. GiantEnemyCrab travels around backing fud up like he is PP's little b*tch.

GiantEnemyCrab5613d ago (Edited 5613d ago )

What are you 2 blabbering PS3 butt buddies talking about?

I've praised the hell out of KZ2 and bought a PS3 and pre-ordered the game you walking bag of bullsh*t. If your quote is coming from this article then you must of misread because he only said "I hated Killzone" as in the first one.

This is how you pwn people by making up a bunch of crap and spew it in the idiot zone? Please don't flatter yourself fool. I quoted the article and your statement went with it perfectly. If you owned anything today you owned yourself. ouch!

NegativeCreep what are you blabbering about? So you agree with the ramblings of this idiot that this site was paid off by MS to say something negative even thought the story is praising the game? Really and I'm spreading FUD? You are a moron (and I think you're a bit sweet on him) and no wonder you are here sticking up for another worthless nutjob PS3 extremist. If anybody is a b!tch here is you and I'm sure you call Lord Yoshida daddie.

Zool 085613d ago (Edited 5613d ago )

I know he can be an annoyin an xbot and all but for once hes stopped being a fanboy and wants to enjoy the game. I'm a PS3 man and normally have no time for him, it doesn't mean he's earnt my respect just yet. it just that hes stopped being a fanboy and just wants to enjoy the game.
I belive Sony has finally proveed their point about the PS3 and KZ2 may be the game to put Sony back on map, and with Uncharted 2, GT5, Heavy Rain etc...to come if it can win the heart people like GEC and he likes them instead of gloating and bashing him, lets just enjoy the game.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy5613d ago

Demo was amazing,I'm going to jump straight into the Campaign once I get the game


Me too. I want the full immersion effect with the storyline and such. I usually play online after I tire of the single player. Same as Metal Gear 4.

thebudgetgamer5613d ago (Edited 5613d ago )

while waiting for the guy to open the door in the warehouse. one bad guy was behind cover in the back of the room, and one was closer to the right.

so the guy in the back kept peeking his head out so i put him in my crosshairs, and as soon as i did that the closest guy started moving forward shooting.

so as soon as he did that the one in the back moved forward to a new cover point right there my jaw droped in awe this game rocks


edit: crazy-eyez-killah youre right my bad


My god. That's so realistic it's scary. Man I want this game badly now. It's too bad the demo is limited in the U.S.

crazy-eyez-killah5613d ago

He is talking about Killzone 1 having bad AI, read dammit!

xwabbit5613d ago

I no, I have been playing the demo nonstop and its just amazing

doG_beLIEfs5613d ago

The AI in KZ2 is amazing. They work together to flush you out. One of the Helghast pinned me down while the other one came up the stairs and flanked me. HMFS that was awesome. Never, and I mean never have I been flanked by AI that effectively.

Every playthru, the AI does something different. Every single time. Absoufrakingloutly amazing.

And this is on the NORMAL setting.