GamerLimit: Yakuza 2 Review

The Gamer Limit reviews Yakuza 2, giving the game a perfect score (10/10). Many gamers have been looking forward to seeing the following Yakuza titles, Ryu ga Gotoku! Kenzan and Yakuza 3, being released in the states. Yakuza Kenzan was released to critical acclaim in Japan last year, yet poor sales of Yakuza 1 and Yakuza 2 in the America's don't bode well for the franchise' future abroad.

GamerLimit writes:

"If perfection were more than an abstract notion, Yakuza would, in fact, be a perfect game. It literally cannot be any better than it currently is. Yakuza 2 sold wildly in the land of its birth, spawning both a prequel, Ryu ga Gotoku! Kenzan, set in the Era of Warring States (Sengoku) and a sequel, Yakuza 3, the sheer, overwhelming quality of this title ought to be self-evident. Unfortunately, Yakuza's performance in the West has been substantially less-than-stellar. Poor sales for Yakuza 2 (despite almost universal critical-adulation) put the future of the series outside of Japan in jeopardy. When you buy Yakuza 2, you're not just getting your fingers one one phenomenal game–you're also increasing your chances of getting to play two more titles that ought to be equally exceptional. Do me a favor–do yourself a favor: get your hands on Yakuza 2."

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chrisjc3544d ago

What a sick game. Can't wait to buy it

Gambit073544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

WOAH! a perfect score for a Sega game? am I dreaming?

edit: Never mind I thought it's for Yakuza 3.

Canary3541d ago

It's still a sega game....

sonarus3541d ago

lol. Yakuza 3 is probably better than 2 anyway. Not saying i expect perfect scores or anything but i expect a good game