PS3 Trophies: What Are They Good For?

You Are Lose writes: "Trophies work best for me when either the game itself is not excessively challenging, or when the unlocking of the trophy can be found through a mostly normal play through. For example, Pixeljunk Eden has a trophy for collecting all 5 Spectra in each garden...However, trophies are at their worst when they require you to go far outside the realms of normal activity within a game world. Sure, these types of achievements might be cherished by regular gamers seeking an extreme challenge from their tired old games. But I'm more of a Tourist/Completist, so events that force me outside the normal arc of a game don't interest me much."

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Timberland2K93567d ago

At least you can level up, 360's achivements are stupid because its just a score no real easy to pick comparisons

On the other hand trophys you can directly see if someone has a Bronze(Mostly Easy) Silver (Harder) Gold (Hardest) Platinum (All Complete)

On Xbox you have too scroll down abunch of scores.

The trophy system is simply better
Im not a fanboy i own both systems PS3 is simply better.

If you think otherwise your delusional or you don't own one.

Sangria3567d ago

"A trophy is a reward for a specific achievement, and usually afterwards serves as proof of merit."
Trophies are a reward for predefined actions, and the more difficult is the action, the most valuable is the trophy. Trophies are like medals for soldiers, it's a reward we have to deserve it to obtain.

So if you just had to finish a game to obtain all the trophies, as 95% of people finish their games, they would be useless. Then you have to put a challenge to obtain them, something you will have to deserve it. In that case, normal people would forget about it or try it harder, and advanced player will consider it as a goal.

I think trophies and achievements are a way to put casual gamers (in the non-DS / Wii term) to become a little more hardcore, giving them another reason to be addicted to video games. Many of them will not be affected, but some will become future hardcore and better, future trophies / achievements whores.

lokiroo4203567d ago

Not only is it somewhat rewarding, it gives the game some legs after you beat it. Wipeout hd, enough said!

Obama3567d ago

I don't really care about this kind of stuff but props to sony for integrating this feature since many others seem to be wanting it a lot.

thebudgetgamer3567d ago

its like a giant mmo that spans dozens of games


Kyur4ThePain3567d ago

I just scanned the article, but was he complaining about having to earn some trophies by doing extra things in games?
Dude, that's fing stupid. Play the game. You'll get some trophies. The "extra" trophies are for the real hardcore people who want those bragging rights and are willing to put in the extra effort.
He sounds like a whiny btch.

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The story is too old to be commented.