RPGFan: White Knight Chronicles Review

RPGFan has the first english review of the highly anticipated PS3 RPG. Here's what they have to say:

"Reviewers and game writers of all stripes love to pontificate about trends and 'shifts' of all sorts when talking about specific genres or generations. RPG's are no exception, as many have suggested that the most recent generation of consoles is seeing the rise of western RPGs and the fading of traditional Japanese role-playing games. With Mass Effect, Fable II, Fallout 3, and Oblivion all outshining the likes of Lost Odyssey and The Last Remnant, many are wondering if we have merely seen a string of sub-par games, or if JRPG's are on their way out.

Many gamers, myself included, waited with baited breath for White Knight Chronicles to come out and give PS3 owners something to cheer about. Both the system and the genre could use a white knight in shining armor to come and save them, and with every other game being sequel number four or thirteen, the fact that WKC is an original franchise does not hurt. An original and superb PS3 title is just the game we have all been waiting for."

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creeping judas3539d ago

oh oh??

I'll still get it when it's released.

locos853539d ago

Me too. Looks interesting

Chris3993539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Level 5 has yet to disappoint me with any of their titles.

Oh, and any of the "issues" that the reviewer mentioned could be fixed for the North American release. Seems kinda dense to review a game for the NA audience that hasn't been localized yet.

The reviewer really seemed like he was reaching for flaws. Vesperia, Eternal Sonata, Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant, all JRPGs this gen really have been uninspired.

"It makes no fatal mistakes, but possesses no great virtues," says the reviewer.

I'm sorry, but have any of the games that I've just listed really redefined the genre or done anything groundbreaking?

Oh, and his other complaint that your characters don't feel powerful enough and the comparisons to Star Ocean and FF are a little odd. Do you want the game to try something different (which, by his opinion it did not), or do you want just another JRPG?

He then goes on to praise the online component.

Confused people are confusing.

P.S. Bubbles and agrees for the top two posters. WHO ARE THE PHANTOM DISAGREES? Don't post unless you have something to say. A fly-by "disagree" is an act of cowardice.

morganfell3539d ago

Just remember the Japanese press gave it a similar score and the public still snapped it up.

Agent VX3539d ago


I never had high hopes for this game, it just looked like another generic boring JRPG.

This game will do good in Japan, but that is about it. This title will bomb in North America and not do very good numbers in Europe.

Well, another JRPG that didn't live up to anything, just have to wait until FF arrives, I guess?

TheTwelve3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

...I'll buy it, of course, because JRPGs are my favorite genre of games but I'm afraid this won't be what I thought it was.

Look at their other reviews for PS3 RPGS...they are very accurate, perhaps except for their overly-high score for Enchanted Arms. I mean, Enchanted Arms is better than WKC? Really?

I believe that the reason why there is no release date in NA is so that Level 5 can fix things up based on the Japanese run. Once they are ready, we'll see a release date. Hope it gets here before Christmas.


TheTwelve3539d ago


Ok, so this game is only 4 points better than Untold Legends? What the HECK?


TheTwelve3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Oh, and Agent--- Valkyrie Chronicles remains the only JRPG truly worthy of being called next-gen so far. That game didn't let anyone down.


Hiruma Youchi3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

"Valkyrie Chronicles remains the only JRPG truly worthy of being called next-gen so far"

because it scored 90+ its really next gen? so other games like:

Folklore and tales arent next gen?

12 youre crazy.

its like saying well since Motostorm2 dint score 90+ its not to be called a next gen racer! Nigga PLEASE!

TheTwelve3539d ago

Yep. Because Valkyrie Chronicles is the only JRPG that feels like it isn't a polished PS2 game.

Folklore, much as I like the game, is barely an RPG at all.


Light Yagami3539d ago

LOL! Look at all the sony fans. Remember when you called all JRPGs on the 360 a flop? This bite you all in the ass.

Beast_Master3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

You do realize this game has already sold more units just in Japan, than any 360 JRPG has sold world wide? Even if it flops out at a mere 500,000 units sold in the rest of the world it will be far from a flop.

Arnon3539d ago

No.. pretty sure Lost Odyssey has sold more.

orakga3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

I know I'll get some disagrees for this, but WKC was actually very disappointing for me too. I played it for a while, expecting to spend most of January on the game, but I ended up selling it because I... just couldn't stand it anymore (note: Xenogears is my fav. RPG of all time, so please don't accuse me of being anti-JRPG or something)

I think this review (the one posted) is VERY fair. It does raise most of the concerns (and praises) I had, quite thoroughly.

Hopefully, Demon's Soul won't disappoint (although it's more action-ish and JRPG-ish). I am glad I had it mail ordered before it was sold out. =)


La Chance3539d ago

nothing new overhere

Sony fanboys made themselves look stupid again as usual.

morganfell3539d ago

Light Yagami, Beast Master just pwned you with that fact.

InMyOpinion3539d ago

Though you guys were all about "quality > quantity". Now I see you preaching sales instead lol!

RememberThe3573539d ago

It was the Light guy who brought up sales, but you go ahead and pretend that didn't happen.

vhero3539d ago

sorry but review scores and RPG's never match quite right for me. Low scoring RPG's are usually the best and high scorers are usually poor with a few exceptions.

hazeblaze3538d ago

Yea, I'll still get it but my expectations have been drastically lowered. It seems like it had potential to be so much more. I really don't care about any of his criticisms except the ones concerning magic... that's a big part of rpg's for me. The thing that took getting used to the most when playing Fallout 3 was the lack of any spells! That's also the reason I still like Oblivion better.

JoySticksFTW3538d ago

we all know the types of scores PS3 exclusives reel in

LOL KZ2 a 7/10 from Edge. puh-leeze...

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Spike473539d ago

thats the only thing that matters, sales, isn't that right my fellow xbox360 fanboys?

BLUR1113539d ago

You was one of those bragging about PS2 sells when the Xbox came out.

Now... who is laughing now?

BLUR1113539d ago

I was just pointing out Hypocrisy

TheColbertinator3539d ago


Hypocrisy? lol There is so damn much on this site,its amazing

Ryuk3539d ago


Spike47 = facepencil//

LeonSKennedy4Life3539d ago

"You was one of those bragging about PS2 sells when the Xbox came out."

This site didn't even exist at that point in time. What are you talking about?

BLUR1113539d ago

yeah I guess fanboys started when N4G was created

WOW just wow

n to the b3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

well there certainly are a lot but no the phenomenon prob began before n4g.

sak5003539d ago

LOL now sales are important?? DROIDS comeon atleast stick to one side.

Gue13539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

I can't believe nobody understood the sarcasm in Spike47's comment... Colbot and the other bots are really getting sensitive. LoL

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gamfreak3539d ago

i'm getting it when english version is released.

Gue13539d ago

Me too. This game looks amazing!

rucky3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Hmmm this seems like the only "average" rpg I'm dying to get my hands on. Read the review and there weren't really any issues mentioned that's deal breaking for me.

@below Yep and the cliched story and whatnot. Like I said it's my feeling about the my expectations on the game. I played Shadow Madness back in the days. Am I ashamed of it? No, why cause I play anything I choose to play?

aspergersyndrome3539d ago

Did you really read the review?

What about the fact the game ends on a cliffhanger and has no guarantee of a sequal, not to mention the poor story leading up to that point.

Canidae3539d ago

Same here, the issues mentioned were negligible to me, such as the lack of overall MP. To me that's a non-issue since it adds a sense of realism (I mean it would be too easy if you could just go around spamming magic/White Knight form). Same thing with the slow casting, which imo adds another level of realism (played FFXI for years, and slow casting just meant you had to think strategically).

The only issue that concerns me is the enemy being able to attack through walls/floors, but thankfully that's a patchable issue, so hopefully it will be taken care of before the US release.

doomster713539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Peoples opinions. If I took reviews as gospel then I'd never have enjoyed games like: fokelore, lost odyssey, last remnant, blue dragon and so on. None of those games got great scores but I loved them. Mind you I'm a bit on the fence with killzone 2. It got great scores just like gta4 and the demo is great but gta4 disappointed me. No way it was worth a 10 out of 10. Perhaps I've just played so much shooters over the years though which is why I'm still on the fence (Doom is still the best).

thor3539d ago

It's sad.

The game never really looked that promising - and all the fanboys were getting hyped up about it based on a few lacklustre screenshots and the developer's track record.

It's a decent RPG, but I LOL at all the people saying "I'm definitely getting this game it sounds great" - when they diss the 360's RPGs and are only getting this because there are very few JRPGs worth owning on PS3.

They ignored the famitsu review, but a review by RPGFan seems to hold a lot of weight to me. It's a good game. But it's easily lost against a sea of just-slightly-better-than-good RPGs on the 360.

Chris3993539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Vesperia was Tales of the Abyss in HD - with great characters, but an ENORMOUSLY boring storyline.

Eternal Sonata is on both platforms (enhanced on the PS3).

Lost Odyssey was good, despite a few technical hitches.

Blue Dragon was decidedly average.

I've played every RPG on the 360 and pretty much everything except LO came across as "meh".

The JRPG lineup on the 360 is certainly 'full', but not 'satisfying'. If Star Ocean turns out to be a dud, my sole reason for purchasing a 360 (JRPGs) is basically moot.

P.S. Famitsu gave Haze a 34/40. People need to stop referencing them, as they do not have any clue what they are doing.

pumpkinpunker3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

"The JRPG lineup on the 360 is certainly 'full', but not 'satisfying'. If Star Ocean turns out to be a dud, my sole reason for purchasing a 360 (JRPGs) is basically moot."

LO is the best next-gen, straight up JRPG out there and it's developer Mistwalker is financially backed by Microsoft. LO was also successful and has sold the most worldwide of any HD JRPG so far this gen. You don't think Mistwalker is working on a sequel or new IP as we speak? MS is not just giving up on JRPGs after Star Ocean so you may want to hang onto your 360.

Also, try Fable 2 or Mass Effect if you like RPGs. Even if you're a obsessive Japan-ophile with a Anime wall papered bedroom and think RPGs begin and end with Japan you may be pleasantly surprised. My roommate was.