Mygamer Review: Fallout 3 : Operation Anchorage

Mygamer writes:

"So Cold

One of the best games of 2008 has just received its first downloadable content here in early 2009. But is this 369MB download worthy enough to take up your hard drive space and 800 MS Points out of your wallet?

The trickiest part after installing this download is finding out how to actually access it. The first problem I encountered happened when loading my last saved game. Once you enter the very last room of the game, there is absolutely no way to exit. The only way to go back is to load a previous save. But this sucked for me because my last save prior to that game ending auto save was about 30 minutes apart causing me to retrace some of my steps. But if you are one of those gamers that solely rely on that auto save function, you would be totally out of luck and would have to start a new game."

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