Elebits screens revealed

Konami have revealed some new screens of Elebits for the Wii, looks good.

Killswitch6303d ago

Can't wait my family and i gonna have so much fun with this system. This what nintendo needed to brake that spell. Wii luv nintendo


Retrospective: Top 10 Gifts for Wii Gamers in 2006

Game Idealist take a look at the top ten gifts for new Wii gamers back in 2006.

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Jay Button: Elebits, and an era of untapped potential

Matt Jay: "When the Wii was about to be released, I could not have been a more jazzed little Nintendo fanboy. My bros and I were in high school and had loved Nintendo for all our lives, as many of us of course have. With well-produced videos and coy press releases, Nintendo slowly revealed info about the console and made wild and lofty promises about the mystery codenamed “Revolution”. It totally worked on me. For two nights and one day, I stayed in front of the Best Buy in my town in a tent. I was second in line and the employees leaving work Friday night told us we were crazy and to go home. They opened the store the next day to a line around the building."

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KidzWorld: Elebits Review

This game is kooky, cool and easy to play! It's a blast to run around, tossing things all over the place as you hunt for Elebits. Even with a weak multiplayer mode and some sketchy graphics, as long as you mute the game when Kai's talking, it's great fun and mostly non-violent.

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