Q&A: David Perry's Top Secret

Earlier this month, Acclaim Games unveiled Project: Top Secret, a new massively multiplayer online game designed with the input of a community of gamers. Not only will the game give credit to all those whose work appears in the game, but one contributor will be singled out by Acclaim and entrusted with directing a future major MMO game from the company.

The man responsible for cobbling together the array of ideas, art, animation, and audio produced by the community is Acclaim's chief creative officer David Perry. Best known as the founder of Shiny Entertainment (Enter the Matrix, Earthworm Jim), Perry has joined the reincarnation of Acclaim and is currently directing 2Moons, Dance!, and Project: Top Secret. He took time out from his development duties this week to discuss exactly how he intends to keep Top Secret from becoming an example of too many cooks spoiling the broth.

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