The Top Three Most Under-Appreciated Aspects of Killzone 2

With Killzone 2 just a few weeks away, the hype machine behind the game is at full throttle. The game is receiving attention from just about every outlet of the enthusiast press, with people posting graphic comparisons, hands-on gameplay experiences, AI nuances, whether it will be a 'system seller', and everything else. There are even articles hyping the hype. And with all this attention focused squarely on key issues of the game, some of the finer aspects of the title have actually received a lot less attention then they honestly should have. So without further ado, here are the top 3 most under-appreciated aspects of Killzone 2.

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PataponKnight3543d ago

Lol and I've seen all three talked down by biased websites.

GrieverSoul3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Sure you will see more of them pouting down!
The best tactic to bring a biased opinion in, is to strike the game´s strong points! That why they complain.

thePatriot3543d ago

no crap azz gimicks. slowing down time or something. just pure shooting

MasFlowKiller3543d ago

The Most Under-Appreciated Aspects of Killzone 2 Is:

that its on the PS3

TheHater3543d ago

That we are getting a game of Killzone 2 graphic quality so early in the Playstation 3 life-cycle. I get chills down my spine when I think about games in 2-3 years from now on the Playstation 3.

Rmagnus3543d ago

Wondering if God of War 3 will go past the bar set by KZ2... If it does its gonna be crazy

Fishy Fingers3543d ago

I;m not sure if GOW3 will be instantly better looking (in the traditional sense) but I'm expecting very high quality visuals with 30, 40, 50+ enemies on screen. That would be an achievement.

macalatus3543d ago

The EPIC music!!

Granted, the first Killzone wasn't anything as it was hyped to be, but the music of the first game (theme song to be returning on the second game) was epic!

If you want to know what it's like, especially those who never picked up the first and/or never played the beta, then search "killzone theme" or "killzone soundtrack" in YouTube and you'll see!

Lombax3543d ago

I really liked the way Metroid Prime Corruption made use of the Wii's motion controls for the switches. I'm happy to see a Dev using the sixaxis in the same way.

darkdoom30003543d ago

the fire defenetly. Ive never seen a game where unscripted fire actually interacts with the enviroment, like starts burning a flag. (there might be games out there, but ive never seen one)

Tonys Creed3543d ago

You didn't play Far Cry 2 then...