The Maw on Xbox Live: Twisted Pixel explains twisted journey

The world of gaming is changing. While big-budget, $60 releases are certainly grabbing most of the headlines, the ability to make a solid living from smaller releases on Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network is often overlooked. Twisted Pixel, a company started by developers who cut their teeth on licensed titles, wants to focus on that opportunity. Judging by the company's first release, the delightfully subversive The Maw, Twisted Pixel may be on to something.

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Cajun Chicken3544d ago

I f'kin' knew it!

I can't wait for the new levels for this, nor can my friend who I allowed to play through it.
Great review with a great developer that popped up from nowhere, good read, awesome. I Can't wait for Twisted Pixel's next game, hopefully its as original as 'The Maw'.