Gaming needs photorealism to properly convey emotions

Bitmob Community Writer Jared Reiman takes the not-so-popular stance and defends Christoph Hartmann's statements about photorealism in games.

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Lifeequals422340d ago

I have no doubt that photorealism would extend the storytelling potential of gaming.

Xof2340d ago

Right, because no game in the history of gaming has ever managed to properly convey emotions until now.


If 8-bit sprites can do it, saying photo-realism is necessary reads too obviously as an excuse for incompetence.

MysticStrummer2340d ago

Gaming has been conveying emotions for a long time without photorealism. A better way to put it would be to say many game developers need photorealism to mask the cliched stories, dialogue, and characters they usually give us. They need the wow factor to jazz it all up.

If animated movies can convey emotion without photorealism, which they can, then gaming doesn't "need" it either.

glennco2340d ago

i want video-realism, screw photorealism. screenshots mean very little to me

MrDead2340d ago

Guybrush Threepwood and Elaine Marley where able to convey emotion very well in stunning 2D, 16 colour, 8 bit glory.

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