Eurogamer Holland Preview Resident Evil 5 "The Resident Evil series has many fans in the past acquired. Those not so loved the fixed camera positions, with Resident Evil 4 or persuaded by the use of a third-person angle and freer and smoother gameplay. Capcom hopes that Resident Evil 5 is the latest potential Resi fans on the line to get by pretty graphics and extensive cooperative opportunities.

This time we go on step with Resi-hero Chris Redfield who gets the help of the sexy and competent lady Sheva Alomar. Chris is sent to Africa for a few incidents in infections investigations.

And then mean we are not infections where worms in your body gets, but infections that you will become a zombie. Eventually the story will revolve around the source of the famous T-virus. Famous characters from the series, for example, Albert Wesker and Sherry Birkin, make their appearance in the game.

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