Killzone 2 demo release timeframe

This Info was pulled from other demo release timeframes like 100% of the demos that have come in the past (that means all of them - even special pre-orders like this one)

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chaosatom3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

This would be the first time I will be downloading anything from EU account, excepts Themes, lol.

Edit: It's not region locked as it says in the Article. I don't see why they would in the first place.

Well, I am not sure if they are talking about EU or US (those who pre-order), guess I will find out tmr.

Hellsvacancy3635d ago

The update normally goes up around 3.00Gmt ill b there logging in and out of the Ps store until i c it

darkgandhi3635d ago

My EU account's ready too, can't wait.

Blaze9293635d ago

I think this was specifically for the US pre-order demo as it said PST and shareable with 5 people...

So the EU demo will release...well, who knows.

Timberland2K93635d ago

im gonna make an EU Account

Mr_Miyagi3635d ago

I lost my demo card last week!!!

Does anyone have an extra code the can give me when there done with it? My email is [email protected] Please!!!

Bubbles for anyone who does.

andyo133635d ago

who shouldnt be getting the killzone 2 demo tomorrow should PlSS OFF!!!! We don't hog your servers, our servers are slow enough as it is and we don't need twats stealing our internets. if you must download it wait a week so i and all europeans get their chance to download what is rightfully ours first for once.

BLuKhaos3634d ago

If you can blow up every Gamestop store in NA then we will all agree to leave you Euros alone.

andyo133634d ago

Are you American? is America the best country in the world? well heres something that kills your pride, you all speak english. If you don't then you won't be able to read the dis anyways.

Do you have no self control? to not download what shouldn't be downloaded. I hope the c0cky (not all americans some are cool but i mean the racist ones that think they're perfect in every way) americans shut their mouth once china becomes the new super power. Maybe then you'll get off your ass.

MisterNiwa3634d ago

Meh.. shut up please, i leech enough of the American PSN and im European. :S

TheBand1t3634d ago

A winrar is you.

Though it does suck that you guys DO have to use our PSN....SCEE sounds like a collective bastard pool.

BlindMonkey3634d ago

For anyone that doesn't know yet the killzone 2 demo is up now in the UK psn store. 1207mb download, mines about 50% done :D

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Snow3635d ago

I seriously can't wait for this demo.I had my voucher handy for like three weeks now.

sevchenko3635d ago

MGS4 , LBP , Resistance 2 and now

the greatest fps ever KZ2

dooge3635d ago

2am EST...That's what I gathered.

trancefreak3635d ago

how about 12am eastern tnite thats what im talking about.

Wife Of The Bad Guy3635d ago

You guys do realize that Sony might region lock this demo?

Just saying,if you haven't pre-ordered this already don't get all pissy at Sony for region locking the EU Demo.

sevchenko3635d ago

SONY makes some seriously stupid decisions

Fishy Fingers3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

They wont region lock it. They have nothing to gain by doing that, the more that try the better. It's only the store (forgot what shop had the exclusive deal) that might be upset/bothered.

Only Uncharted demo was originally region locked. People moaned and sony removed it (region lock) before the demo even hit the EU store. Since then, nothing else.

PirateThom3635d ago

Don't foget though, this is SCEE, even if they upload the demo and it's region locked, they may not get around to removing it until after the game releases.

The Captain3635d ago

They can region lock this as they have in the past. They might have to if the agreement with Gamestop says so!!

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resistance1003635d ago

Well just looked outside and its snowing again, so i guess this will mean another day off uni for me which means i can download it as soon as it hits the store

BkaY3635d ago

its hot as hell in aus.....

if demo is up today then im gonna hav to cancel my program to "batesman bay"....hummmmmmmmm i dont know, one hand i lov beach, other hand i love killzone ...... welll fudge it .... batesman bay next week..... this week KILLLLLLZOOOOONNNNNEEEE......


Daver3635d ago

i so wish it would be hot here and i could go to the beach instead its cold with snow XD

madpuppy3635d ago

I haven't seen snow in like 20 years. I wish I was unemployed in a snowy state so I wouldn't have to work in it but I could enjoy it by just staying inside and playing games and stuff. oh well :P