Onslaught (WiiWare) First Screens

Onslaught: The first First Person Shooter ever for the WiiWare platform. With tight controls, a horde of enemies to blast away, and some of the most intense action you'll ever find, Onslaught sets a new standard for FPS on Wii.

-- In the distant future, contact with a distant research colony is lost and your team is sent in to find out what happened. Upon arrival, you're attacked by overwhelming numbers of mysterious creatures. It's up to you and your squad to eliminate the threat and discover the truth that lies deep inside the colony.

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TriforceLightning3543d ago

This game is proof that the Wii is for everyone including the hardcore.Looks amazing!

kunit22c3543d ago

This game does look and sound awesome and im glad its online

N4g_null3543d ago

Hmmm I wish we could get better screen though.

Louievillesluggns3543d ago

hopefully this title will let you custom your contols cause I want to change them to the Call of Duty setup..........and bring boody roar back "hudson"

mastiffchild3543d ago

Wiiware with online co-op!Jeez they gettin' ambitious on the little white box this year. I heard a bit about this aaages ago and thought it must have died a death but we'll need to see more about it, sme gameplay and what the onlne system is gonna be(I know it'll include FC's but why nintendo why? You can pretend to be whatever you want and paedophiles aren't flummoxed by a half arsed security system that just serves to slow every game that uses them bar MKWii down)as well as the memorystats before we caneven begin thinking this might be that great a thing.

PS360WII3543d ago

Wow that it pretty snazzy for WiiWare :)