TheGamersTemple: Army Men: Soldier of Misfortune - Review


"Those two words, wasted opportunity, are Soldiers of Misfortune's M.O. Everything about the game felt like a rush job, a an oversight related to developers who maybe just didn't care enough. The groundwork is there – the revamp of a long running series, a clever approach, a premise any kid could fall in love with… and it all just falls flat. You shouldn't beat yourself up if this game never makes it to your DS; you won't be missing out on much of anything if you skip this one. If, however, this game gets a sequel, I'd advise giving that one a look. With a little TLC, the game could be improved and provide a fun shooting experience for the younger set. And since so many shooters are drenched in blood and gore, the "kid-friendly" shooter is a rare occurrence indeed. Army Men represents a nice attempt and the fundamentals are there, but Army Men 2 could be the game that this one had the potential to be."

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