Games Are Evil | Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage REVIEW

The Evil HQ writes:

"Martin Gaston, who originally penned our positively glowing review of Fallout 3, returns to hand over some critical analysis of Bethesda's first dose of Fallout 3 DLC. His report may surprise you."

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bgrundman3546d ago

This looks to be a pretty significant addition to the game. Could be pretty cool.

CrAppleton3546d ago

Yeah.. it looks like they added a lot of stuff on this one!

CrAppleton3546d ago

Just got Fallout 3.. so I'm really looking forward to getting into this DLC.. Awesome review!

bgrundman3546d ago

But doesn't a 7 seem kinda low?

Pennywise3546d ago

7 is actually high from what it has been scoring.

CrAppleton3546d ago

I guess.. But 7 is still worth a buy for me

bgrundman3546d ago

I didn't realize it had been doing that badly. I was having fun with it.

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PS360WII3546d ago

7/10 still means play it :)

It's a fun addition. Heavy on the combat but the rewards are sweet ^^ you can even get a new perk if you snag all the intel reports

CrAppleton3546d ago

Yup.. it means play it for sure in my book!

Syko3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Funny how this review flew under the radar (WorthPlaying gave it a 9/10), While all the low reviews SKYROCKETED...Oh well, After playing and loving Fallout I would buy anything to prolong my Wasteland stay. I actually already bought this but haven't had time to play...

n to the b3546d ago

played thru it 2 nites ago when I should have been sleeping.

yes it was a bit short/easy. but VATS is still fun and 3 major new weapons/armors r good (well, 4 if u bother with melee). I won't spoil them but I will say there's a much-needed new energy weapon.

TheROsingleB3546d ago

My character is at Level 8 Currently, and I've been getting kind of beatten up badly in this expansion so far, haven't finished it yet and only really played it for about half an hour. But its a good change of pace to mix things up in the Fallout universe. And it's real pretty :D