Final Fantasy Versus XIII Going to 360: Why Not? writes: "Let's admit it: This is the age of the multi-platformer. Nonetheless, the number of titles that have held their success and remained console exclusives (or even bi-platform, like Left4Dead) is nothing to scoff about. Each week we think: Who's next? Who's going to bridge the gap between various console owners? One of the many upcoming epics not developed by a first party studio, Final Fantasy XIII's multi-platform stance shocked many a gamer, not to mention rendering a select few skeptical. Is it any stretch then that Square-Enix won't take the next big step and declare Tetsuya Nomura's latest opus Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the 360 as well?"

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GWAVE3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )


Does split-screen ever write articles that AREN'T heavily slanted toward the 360? Where's their "Alan Wake going to the PS3: Why not?" article? Where's their "Gears 2 is not perfect!" article? In the middle of the article, the author even says (and I quote directly):

"Square-Enix is ensuring that 360 gamers are also kept in the continuity. Unlike, say, Mass Effect, where a port of the first game needs to be released to bring PS3 gamers up to speed, assuming the second will be heading to the PS3 (which it’s not)."

After seeing so many articles such as this, I'm amazed that some people can still claim, "No. No. No. The media isn't biased against the PS3..."

sonarus3596d ago

Well versus going to 360 is just about as likely as mass effect or splinter cell going to PS3.

I don't think the media as a whole is biased against PS3 but certain individuals in the media are. But people need to stop with the media is biased stuff...anyone who says something "not positive" about PS3 is biased and is on microsoft pay roll. IGN on microsoft payroll cus they gave KZ2 9.4 and gears 2 9.5 (you should have heard them laughing at fanboys on the podcast LMFAO)

GWAVE3596d ago

I'm making a blanket statement when I say that the media is biased. There are individual websites where the comment does not apply, but as a whole there is a pervading "PS3 is doomed" mindset amongst journalists. It's starting to fade, but it's there.

kevoncox3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

It's not a PS3 is doom mindset. Many people never expected Sony to be in a close fight this generation let alone be in last place. Moast of these " biased" sites were huge advocates of the Ps2. I'm sorry but it's clear to me that you are all about Sony, every post I see from you screams this fact.

Sony has made major missteps this gen and writers are calling them out for it. Is the PS3 doomed...No. However, Should the Ps3 be in 3rd place? Nope. It is a console that had a hude amount of hype surrounding it's released and Sony has allowed it to evaporate. It's only Sony loyalist like yourself that can't see that and think that the media is picking on the Ps3 ( the greatest console ever rite?)

These type are articles are prevelent for consoles in 3rd place. They were written about the XBox all the time last gen. The were written abotu the Sega Saturn all the time the gen before that. The loser get's piled on. It happens, Deal with it!

Please save the average year sales vs the 360 because that means nothing, the 360 and the ps3 will always be a year apart. I don't care to compare 2006 sales vs. 2007 sales. At the end of the day total sales are all that matter. Sony is in third so they are the media's b*tch. When/ if they pass MS, then MS will be the media's b*tch. Don't like it? Buy 8 million ps3s!

Alan wake is publised by MS as is gears.
FF13 is going to 360 so it makes sense to wonder is FF13 verses will as well.

MasFlowKiller3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

because Tetsuya Nomura is a PlayStation fan, and one of SE best video game directors so he has some say as to were his projects go and dont go, He is the Cliffy B of SE

Maddens Raiders3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

mix in a spell check with your ridiculous diatribes, where "moast" of the words aren't misspelled and so "prevelent".

Your lopsided arguments might carry a little more weight with this correction. You can thank me later "rite"?

PixlSheX3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Can you imagine, Tetsuya Nemura and Kingdom Hearts team, developing, or even making a port to Xbox360?

Tetsuya cares more about NDS than Xbox360. They even made a remake of KH:CoM to PS2.

MasFlowKiller3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Tetsuya Nemura has been very vocal about his loyalty for sony, i mean he ported a GBA game to the PS2, i never heard of someone re-doing a GBA game for the PS2 fans,

if you say it was for the $$, it wasnt ported to the GameCube or Xbox which could have been potentially more money

lonestarmt3596d ago

There is ton of proof that the media is biased. Look at the x-play review for killzone 2. How can they say that when ps3 fans have been playing MGS4, warhawk, motorstorm, uncharted, disgea 3, ratchet and clank, little big planet, and not to mention all of the multi-platform games. Its absurd. How can a reviewer honestly say in its review killzone has the best graphics hands down ever in a console yet it gets only a 9.5 for graphics when GTAIV, gears of war, and OMG still can't believe it halo 3 get higher scores?? Not trying to say those games don't deserve the high scores, but the lower score for killzone? Remember MGS4 reviews, finally there is a reason to have a ps3. Then little big planet ahh finally a reason to have a ps3. Then killzone, finally a reason to have a ps3. Everyone is a little bias toward something and its obvious that the media in general has it out for ps3 to fail.

Esena3596d ago

"Square-Enix is ensuring that 360 gamers are also kept in the continuity. Unlike, say, Mass Effect, where a port of the first game needs to be released to bring PS3 gamers up to speed, assuming the second will be heading to the PS3 (which it’s not)."

My favorite part of these journalists is their clear inconsistencies. Why is it so hard to see that Mass Effect 2 may come to the ps3 without the first one? I mean everyone was convinced that MGS4 would come to the X360, but where are 1-3 for them? People need to stop with arguments that don't examine the other side -- it makes you look fairly "biased."

Mozilla893596d ago

Its 2009 and X-Play is still going off the old "PS3 has no games." mentality?! Grow up and just review the freaking game, no one cares about the "sly" remarks against the PS3.

tordavis3596d ago

"Alan Wake going to the PS3: Why not?"

Microsoft Game Studios owns the Alan Wake IP. It will never go to PS3.

Ninja Gaiden 2 would be a better analogy.

eagle213596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Shut it defending the booger green devil Microsoft. That shoddy machine has no lead in JP or EU. Wake up and smell the bias and lack of logic in the article.

Expy3596d ago

Proof of the media bias can clearly be heard when the Final Fantasy XIII trailer was shown at the Microsoft conference at E3... The amount of "cheering" clearly shows a heavy XBOX360-sided gaming media.

Sarcasm3596d ago

Left 4 Dead going to PS3: Why Not?
Mass Effect 2 going to PS3: Why Not?
Splinter Cell Conviction going to PS3: Why Not?
Bioshock 2 going to PS3: Why Not?
Gears of War 3 going to PS3: Why Not?
Star Ocean 4 going to PS3: Why Not?

Where are these articles?

BlindMonkey3596d ago

Well we already know bioshock 2 is coming to ps3 and most of us believe star ocean 4 will come to the ps3 too. Really wouldn't make sense if star ocean 4 didn't come to the ps3.

thats_just_prime3596d ago

Expy "Proof of the media bias can clearly be heard when the Final Fantasy XIII trailer was shown at the Microsoft conference at E3... The amount of "cheering" clearly shows a heavy XBOX360-sided gaming media."

OMFG are you reaally that damn dumb ? Its a MS conference filled with MS fans no sh!t they cheered.

As for FF13vs goin multi plat i said that it probably be release after the ps3 verison (if it gets ported). FF13 is probably SE testing the marketed to see how well FF13 sells on the 360 compared to the ps3. To see if its worth it to port FF13vs to the 360. SE has show again and again that they favor the 360 over the ps3 and they have also said they do a number of times. All the whining sony fanboys are using the same bs logic that they did to say FF13 will never go to the 360 and we all know how that turned out.

BTW which sony fanboy is this

I'm betting on gwave

Max Power3596d ago

i hardly doubt SE is wait to see how well FFXIII is going to sell when they so far have release a ton of RPGS on the x360, so i think they have a good indication of how well it could sell.

Expy3596d ago


E3 isn't open to the public, the conferences were for gaming media and journalists. Thus, my point.

lonestarmt3596d ago

"OMFG are you reaally that damn dumb ? Its a MS conference filled with MS fans no sh!t they cheered. "

Actually no, last year e3 was for the press only, so you had a lot of press or media covering all three shows. So there really shouldn't be any fanboys for anything there, and if there were then man expy really was right. lol

iamtehpwn3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Put Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 on Playstation 3 then too!

what IDIOT wrote this article?

DMason3596d ago

Mass Effect is coming to PS3 idiot.

cayal3596d ago

"Well versus going to 360 is just about as likely as mass effect or splinter cell going to PS3."

Not really.

Nomura is a Sony fan(boy) and has a lot of pull at Square. I am not sure if anyone in Bioware (well EA) or Ubisoft have such pull.

thats_just_prime3596d ago

Ok just cause the last E3 was open to only "media and journalists" doesnt mean there wasnt fanboys there. The hiphopfanboy got in to E3 and I seriously doubt he was cheering that. Plus how many mags and online site are there that only cover xbox news (same is true of the ps3)? They are most likely fans of the 360 it doesnt mean they are bias really as they only cover the 360. I dont see any of you sony fanboy complaining that the reviews for KZ2 are bias cause they come from a sony only mag/site.

FF7numbaone3596d ago

I guess this months rumors are:
Left for dead going to ps3?
final fantasy 13 verus going to 360?

Danja3596d ago

FF VS on the 360 would mean another 3 years in waiting for this game which by the M$ would probably already dropped the 360 for the next Xbox....

SE is threading on thin ice this gen by slapping there most loyal fanbase in the face time after time I hope there new found smaller 360 fanbase takes them out of there financial troubles later down the road...

aiphanes3596d ago

Can we say RROD!!! And Scratched discs...The hardware is terrible on the microsoft side...The only thing Sony did wrong was the price and that is being corrected this year.

Killzone 2 lived up to the hype....its only been 2 years...the Xbox 360 has been out for over 3 years...

yanikins1113596d ago



thats too funny.


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PirateThom3596d ago

Because Square Enix is stretched thin as it is and Nomura and the team begged Wada already to not make it multiplatform.

gaffyh3596d ago

Also Sony although doesn't own a controlling stake, does own a significant stake in Square Enix. And also Nomura is a major Sony fan.

I think Square will wait and see how well the 360 version of FFXIII does compared to the PS3 version and then decide whether it is worth doing Versus. I expect Japan sales to have a MAJOR impact on their decision as well, they could probably sell 2 million in Japan very easily.

Coheno3596d ago

This guy should really get to know his games before writing crap like this. It doesn't take long to find out that it is Nomura who is behind it, and Nomura is one of the few, if not the only big name left at SE, and they do not want to make him angry. This is his game/project, and it will be on his terms, and yes he is a big Playstation fan!

PirateThom3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

About 50% of Final Fantasy game sales are from Japan.

Final Fantasy XII did about 5m units worldwide, with 2.5m being sold in Japan alone.

I wouldn't be surprised if this did similar numbers world wide.

Edit: As for Noumra, he's also the reason I think Kingdom Hearts will be a PS3 exclusive. Microsoft may have the money men at Square Enix in their pocket, but Sony have the devs.

MasFlowKiller3596d ago

yeah sony has great releationship with developers, did u guys know Insomniac Help build the IA for Killzone 2, just look at the relationship Sucker Punch, Insomniac and Naughty Dog Had last gen, u dont hear about that type of releationship from other companies

thats_just_prime3596d ago

gaffyh I agree but japan wont factor into it cause FF13 is exclusive to the ps3 in japan so they have no why of knowing how it will do over there. They might test the waters in japan with SO4 to try and decide if it be worth it to port a FF game to the 360.

Sarick3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Wada, pointed out one of his reasons (besides money) for making the first FF13 multi was comments from PS3 and 360 fans like: "WE got FFXII exclusive!" or "We're getting it mark my words!'

My take is when there are people begging about something such as as to "why?" or "Why not?" it just stirs the pot. The more we stir the pot the more likely it'll get extra seasonings and go multi.

Wada, probably laughing about it like he did when he announced it on stage. Watch his face seriously. It fairly sure it made him feel all tingly inside knowing that he pissed off millions of fans fighting over this game.

gaffyh3596d ago

@2.5 - I know that, what i meant was that if the game sells a lot in Japan on PS3 alone, it's kinda a waste of time for them to port to 360 at all. But obviously this all depends on the amount of sales from the 360 version (which I'm guessing will be about 1.5 million maybe more)

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Parapraxis3596d ago

Maybe because S-E has yet to deliver a single exclusive JRPG on PS3.
It's no shock why some PS3 fans are fuming over Square Enix' actions so far this gen.
Even though some of the S-E games on 360 are supposed to be multiplat or rumoured to be, there is not a single S-E game yet to see the light of day on Sony's black box.

Aclay3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

All I have to say is this, if Star Ocean 4 will be only on the 360, then there's no reason why FF Versus XIII can't be a PS3 exclusive.

At this point I think it's more likely that SO4 will come to the PS3 than Versus XIII on the 360, because JRPG's almost always sell the most in Japan and the PS3's installbase in Japan is most prime for JRPG's than the 360 and because of Nomura. If SquareEnix wants to ensure that SO4 actually sells what it should, then they should release it on the PS3, even if it's just a Japanese PS3 release. needs to write their next article on this:"SO4 going to PS3: Why Not?"

kevoncox3596d ago

Star ocean 4 will coem to the Ps3. It's not exclusive.

Sarick3596d ago

From what I read it'll be timed exclusive at most. PS3 been getting a lot of sloppy seconds in the RPG department. Sony doesn't seem to want FF11 on the PS3 either because the guy SE was working with quit and they dropped it.

The 360 and PS2 versions making SE big money and looking at the just the US FFXI 360 install base gives them a lot of incentive.