Plugged In Online Review: Mirror's Edge

PIO writes: "Leap! Dodge! Slide! Flip! Run! RUN! Runrunrunfasterfasterfasteraaarrgghh-

This, in a nutshell, sums up the life of Faith: Not, mind you, "a life of faith," as in Bible studies, prayer and possibly a stay in a monastery, but "the life of Faith," as in the lithe protagonist who dashes, flips and occasionally plummets headlong through the game Mirror's Edge.

Faith lives in a clean, crisp and creepily totalitarian city. The city's leaders found that spying on its citizens round the clock does wonders for the crime rate, so now they monitor every form of electronic communication imaginable: Not only are carjackings down, but so is that pesky sense of individuality that can cause such problems."

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