Stop Defending Resident Evil 5!

Insert-credits writes: I'm tired of seeing all these fools defending Resident Evil 5 with classic quotes like " The only people who will complain with the control system are those who are not truly Resident Evil fans. " or "Fans of the original series would know that the it wouldn't let you run and shoot." and "If you had a gun what would you do, would you run and shoot or stand and shoot. People stand still, crouch prone or shoot." This is going to be easy…

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killzone2flop3545d ago

Stop complaining and B*tching if you don't like the game don't get it for PS3.

mixshows3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

whys that buddy? the 360 version is different? U FAIL!

TheFreak3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Stop complaining and B*tching about the ps3 if you don't like the console dont get it!!....


TheFreak3544d ago

And btw stop complaining and B*tching about Killzone 2 if you don't like the game dont get it!


and stop switching forms between a bear and a woman, we all know you h8 it bcuz ur a sad person who gets it up watching anime girls

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3545d ago

I played RE1-RE4 including the GC remakes,and after playing RE5 in 2009,it's a goddamn shame that it still controls like a last-gen game.

It looks amazing,but that's all it has going for it.The story is very flawed and the setting is wrong,the way the Inventory management is setup is unnecessarily difficult,and to top it off,the controls are sluggish,clunky,and succeed only in bringing forth a feeling of "This sh!t is outdated".

I'm going to give it a 7.5/10 when I review it

chaosatom3544d ago

Controls maybe a bit awkward, but they can get used to.

I mean people want more RE4, then there they have it. I believe that n4g people whining about the controls may be a minority. The rest of gamers out there could believe otherwise.

The bigger problems than Controls is the AI. They are slow, and is just Badddddd.

StayHigh3544d ago

resident evil 5 is not left 4 dead..get it stright xbots..its survival horror game..i love the demo i know the game is going to be awesome.

Ryudo3544d ago

StayHigh I fail to see how Left 4 Dead cannot be compared to Resident Evil 5. First of all have you even played Left 4 Dead because I have played both games and I see alot more Survival Horror in L4D. Resident Evil 5 does nothing to build the suspense want a real horror game try Dead Space. So calling an un-scary game a "horror" seems ill-founded.

First of all gets compare Left 4 Dead to Resident Evil 5. Like it or not that's its best comparison this gen.

1) Graphics, This point clearly goes to Resident Evil.

2) Gameplay, Left 4 Dead wins all year round.

3) Suspense, Left 4 Dead is clearly the winner that blood rush you get from running from a tank just can't be matched in RE5. The 50 Zombies heading towards you running extremely fast can't be matched by RE5.

4) Value, Left 4 Dead wins again thanks to the Director AI levels are never the same and get mixed up all the time. The replay value is near endless.

5) Multiplayer, Not even a contest Multiplayer makes Left 4 Dead Resident Evil 5 cant compete here ever.

I could go on but I have to say 4-1 is already a fairly decent knock-out for L4D. RE5 is already crying in the corner and has no chance of coming out on top.

Sevir043544d ago

on PS2 and gamecube, RE4 was the pinnacle aside fromGOW2 and shadow of the collosus, the shame is that for the PS3 and 360, the what was accepteble in RE4 isn't acceptible for RE5 in this gen. If they made they tweaked the controls and added free movement, improved the AI made the environments interactive and and not static then this game would have it all. on PS2 that design was awesome for RE4. but to simply port the same engine and add minor tweaks to the engine by adding co-op which is cool, better graphics which is nice, but keep a technically inferior control system and lacking AI from from Previous gen is a step backwards. The story is well crafted i hear but come on if you cant play the game to experience the story whats the point. it's the same reason why DMC4 which was good at the same time was also just a last gen game on a next gen platform, dmc3 HD, capcom can do better. RE5 has great potential, but we'll have to wait for Re6 because this game refuses to step into next gen.

Gamekilla3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

the inventory. They try to Dead Space it with a live inventory but its so clunky, it increases fear, or desperation, maybe? sure, i guess, but i remember RE4 had some really intense moments when you just needed to use a paused inventory, sort things out, get your guns ready and play.

The controls i am fine with. I use control scheme D.

Edit: Also, I enjoyed the demo. Maybe its because of RE4, i really liked RE4, however i can see where the hate originates from, some of my friends, who haven't played re4, find re5 to be a bit awkward.

cayal3544d ago


Wow, I can make idiotic blog headlines as well and I haven't played the full game either. Guess you should all listen me.

Tempist3544d ago

I'll go out and say I've never played a Resident Evil game, but it seems to me the series has to end with this game. It seems that story and graphics aside, there's not much in the way of an actual update and change to the game.

Perhaps now is a good time to let the series fade away and re-invent themselves and a new game.

cayal3543d ago

No offense but how do you expect to have a valid opinion on something you've never played?

If this game had run and gun there'd be no issues.

prowiew3543d ago

How these stories got approved. A blog that got updated once a month. Talk about lame.

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kevoncox3545d ago

I don't understand the hate. The game is fun and the demo was great. The controls are there to build fear of combat. We don't need RE to become Dead Rising. The game isn't scary but I think most of that has to be because of the abondance of Sunlight. The game is a blas t to play with co-op. I had a fantastic time and I can't believe people are bashing it. In most zombie movies the main characters are trapped somewhere and mobility often becomes and issue. It's a good game.

Kamikaze1353544d ago

But the problem is that it doesn't feel or control like a Resident Evil game. The environments are too bright, the controls were good in RE4, but RE5 is a next gen game...yet it controls the same? wtf. Chris moves slower than Leon, the parter gets in the way too much and takes items when you need them....meh, they should've named the game something else and used different characters.

kevoncox3544d ago

If the partner didn't take items you would be complaining that the game was too easy because you had 800 healing agents. Besides. Playing this game online is the way to go.

I don't mind the movement. I think the knife attack should have more animations but this isn't GTA or GOW. It's resident evil. The enviroment isn't as scary but what we played was only a demo. For a game in it's 6th interation, it was pretty fresh.

Homicide3544d ago

Same here. Sure it feels outdated, but it's still very fun. Co-op is a blast. We're finding new ways to take down the executioner.

Llort3544d ago

I hear zig-zagging back and fourth running past him using the small level works great. It feels so fresh and new, Resident Evil 5 is like a breath of fresh air in video games. It's so INNOVATIVE and So Fun. No other game has controls that make the game <-----> THIS SCARY.

Sheva is the smartest A.I. EVAAR!!!1!1! She never gets in the way! I love that Resident Evil 5 feels like an action game, who cares that Capcom sold out!


rouy a ginkcuf toidi - For all my backwards talking Americans!

resistance1003544d ago

I can see why people like it, however i found it fustrating having to fight the controls, and for that reason its a no buy for me

Peekay3544d ago

b*tchn and play the farrkn game!!! I've never played a RE game before and I must admit, it took me a while to get used to the controls. So what - every new move I discovered bought me a sense of joy.

You can't just shoot them anywhere in the head - it has to be smack in the middle of the forehead!

"but remember you can’t move either, which means you have to stand there and wait for the enemy to come at you! Talk about lame."

er - how about moving towards them first then trying knifing them please?

God - his whole argument was based on two, just two complaints - tard!

Sarcasm3544d ago

It's just people are used to playing TPS games a certain way now which includes running and gunning. Or even "walking" and gunning. Either way, people don't like the idea that you're planted down and cant even move when you're shooting.

And it gets even more annoying when you have to use the knife.

cayal3543d ago

"But the problem is that it doesn't feel or control like a Resident Evil game. The environments are too bright, the controls were good in RE4, but RE5 is a next gen game...yet it controls the same?"

The environment is bright, however the demo was probably just the first two levels. I have no doubt it will go underground/night time.

The game might be next gen, but the actual controllers haven't changed from PS2 to PS3 or XBOX to 360

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zakaweb3545d ago

I agree with your point. Next generation should mean more than just upgraded graphics, gameplay should evolve also with the times or even innovate. That being said, I still like the demo and I'm familiar with the controls so it's not a huge issue for me. It will be to people who aren't familiar with previous games though.

Wife Of The Bad Guy3545d ago

Maybe you need to set your gaming standards higher ^ ,if Capcom want to make RE an Action game then that's no problem at all,but give us some controls that make the experience smoother and more enjoyable,I don't want to have to walk up right next to a Zombie/Mutated African set in the WRONG setting,only to swing my Knife and realize that I need to walk up to him a little more.