Killzone 2 Difficulties Explained

Seb Downie, the QA manager at Guerilla Games explains the four difficulties (Recruit, Trooper, Veteran and Elite) in Killzone 2.

He also reveals that the difficulty system is not based on enemy counts, but more on damage modifiers and health.

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killzone2flop3542d ago

What Difficulty? Theirs nothing difficult about running with a Knife and clocking the game under 6hrs.

Cronnie3542d ago

Wow, that was subtle trolling right there...

solidjun53542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

This dude is persitent troll who has better to do with his life but troll every PS3 news. He has no life and is a very lonely person.

EDIT: Oh...sorry :)
I normally can recognize sarcasm. But I think I'm off today :) lol

Cronnie3542d ago

Yeah I know, was a bit of sarcasm ;)

THC CELL3542d ago

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Ric Flair3542d ago

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thor3542d ago

It's hilarious.

One site posts a video of them running around one of the earliest levels in the game, on "Trooper" difficulty, knifing everybody (even whilst SAYING that the tactic doesn't work later on), and loads of people assume that you can do that the entire game and that makes the game easy.

"Rushing" is a common tactic in games - and if the AI oppenents are "human" enough, it will work against them just as well. That's all that's going on. It's like you're catching them off-guard. But it won't work all the time. What if there's an enemy you can't get to? What if the enemy are perched on top of a building, guarding its entrance? You can't knife them without getting inside, and that involves getting shot.

Don_Frappucino3542d ago

Have you played the game? No
Has Xbox 360 got anything better? No
Are you afraid the PS3 might actually have a good game thats possibly as good if not better than Halo? Yes

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thor3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Yep this is what I expect from a game. I'm going to complete it on Veteran first, and then Elite.

EDIT: OK OK holy sh1t WTF is up with these disagrees? Explain if you're going to disagree so quickly to a statement about what difficulty _I_ am going to play the game on. Unless it's someone with multiple accounts tracking my comments and they hate me for some reason.

Daver3542d ago

lolll funny thing, heres an Agree lol

Ju3542d ago

^^ you got a disagree for agreeing. Funny stuff in here :) (no it wasn't me).

GrieverSoul3542d ago

I said earlier that every KILZONE realted article is being smashed with disagrees! SI think its someone with a lot of time on his hands and just clicks disagrees on every comment without reading or justifying it!

To the article, as long as the diferent difficulties have trophies, I´ll be all over them!

XD - Trohpy Whore here!!

Simon_Brezhnev3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

i gave u an agree and a bubble but lmao @ the jealous xbox fanboys

BLuKhaos3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

You know what's the funniest thing about this website?90% of the "users" on this site is actually one person with severe schizophrenia.

GVON3542d ago

like i wrote a few days ago.

so if your a fps player don't do anything but vet and elite

ChampIDC3542d ago

There's lots of immature fanboys that love to disagree here. Don't take it personally, bud.

Aclay3542d ago

It's Veteran difficulty for me on my first play through.

Elite Difficulty sounds hard just by reading the description, No HUD and No Crosshair?! It will defiantly take some skill to beat KZ2 on Elite mode.

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HemDroid3542d ago

It's that easy you can do it blindfolded
Mind you it looks that bad you need a blindfold

redsquad3542d ago

Laughing at your own jokes... You have a singular wit sir!

Mr PS33542d ago

I'd do it on Elite First
Cause i'm Well Hard

THC CELL3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

i will enjoy this game more than twice
on elite

Who ever is dissing me is a noob
i love games that are hard

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