Lumines Supernova on PSN Tomorrow

Eurogamer: "Q Entertainment will finally release Lumines Supernova on the European PlayStation Store tomorrow.

You'll need GBP 9.99 or EUR 14.99 to buy the puzzle game, which adds Dig Down and Sequencer modes to the much-ported, proven formula.

Dig Down has players burrow through a block-filled screen, and the Sequencer lets users piece together backing tracks from a stock selection of loops."

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jammy_703541d ago

same for most ps3 owners k2 BABY!!

Majors3541d ago

Prepare to be Killzowned....
Only 24 hours to go... Damn..

Cajun Chicken3541d ago

Eyyyyyy, nice one. Might get this, but I REALLY wanted to take advantage of PSN with an online mode.