inFamous: Second Island video

Gamespot presents a new inFamous video featuring footage of the second island; The Warren.

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Dipso3546d ago

I'm with you on that one, I've been excited about this since the first trailer. The new enemies are looking impressive.

Chris3993546d ago

I don't know where to begin.

- Variety of moves.
- Numerous enemies on screen.
- Destructible environments.

First day buy, for sure.

LightningPS3PS33546d ago

I want Sly Cooper for PS3. Except, make it more like Sly Cooper 1, where you only play as Sly and not everyone else.

Nothing against Ratchet & Clank or Jak and Daxter, but Sly Cooper the original anyway, was by far my favorite Platformer on PS2. Infact, it was the only platformer I thought was worth a damn, I usually don't like platformers anymore.

Giriath3546d ago

I'm not too sure about inFamous anymore. The more I see of it, it doesn't really look polished and finished. That could change before release though, maybe that was an old build?

Alcohog3546d ago

That could have something to do with the fact that its not polished and finished, but that's just a theory.

na2ru13546d ago

this comic book flick style has slightly downgraded it's class for me. It gives me the impression of it being slightly low budget. I'm not hating because I will still buy it.

Ju3546d ago

I am not so sure. If you look at the subtle details then its all there. But my issue with the game is, its so desaturated. No color at all. Except the high contrast particle effects. The cars show a little bit, but why is even the grass gray ? I think I still will get this, simply because its Sucker Punch and the Sly games were great games. I hope this will be on that level, game play wise.

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thereapersson3546d ago

Precision looks almost like a pseudo-railgun. I can't wait for this!

OmarJA3546d ago

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. first day buy...

NoBullsh1t3546d ago

Very good. Just wish they would through in use of guns.[They may do or are doing but I have not heard anything about it]

Another classic for the PS3 library.....

Dipso3546d ago


There will not be any guns, the developers have stated that due to the protagonists "always on" electrical based powers he is unable to use firearms. Besides why would you need any guns when the developers can tailor any electrical based attack to a firearm equivalent?

SuperM3546d ago

Yea why would you even want to use a gun when u can shoot electricity?

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