XboxGameZone: Blitz The League II Review

XboxGameZone writes: "In many genres you have games that take a different slant on the traditional way of doing things. You've got your Burnout series, focussed on speed and destruction as opposed to slick clean racing. Then there's Fifa Street, an over the top football game which focuses on outrageous tricks and skills instead of a more standard football fare. Blitz: The League II also falls into this "alternate" category. Rather than simply being an American Football simulation like the Madden series, it instead places a huge emphasis on dirty tackles, causing bone shattering injuries (literally), and juicing players up using illegal steroids. It also has a proper campaign mode, with a definite conclusion and a decent storyline, something very few sports games have. It's a nice twist on the usual Madden type game that proves to be very enjoyable at first, but suffers when it comes to longevity."

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