Halo 3 - Two Beta Seasons? is reporting today that there will actually now be two 'seasons' of HALO 3 Beta testing. The first season will be for all the lucky competition winners and then a second season for those that have purchased Crackdown.

The first season is expected to start on March 21 and the second season is due to end in June.

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Lacarious4438d ago

wow.... can you say BULLSHIT any bigger than this.

Thanks you fckersoft!

Caxtus7504438d ago

right before European PS3 launch....sounds about right

BenzMoney4438d ago

I just don't see the logic behind this. What purpose does it serve to split the groups up? The beta is supposed to include the party & matchmaking system which won't work well without a large pool of people playing at the same time... Something doesn't seem to add up here. I'm skeptical.

DEIx15x84438d ago

A proper beta test is done by releasing a beta version examining all of the comments and making corrections. Then another beta version is released with problems fixed and complaints changed. That continues until the game is ready to print and they release a release candidate 1. People then tell them if there are any flaws and if there are they are fixed and a release candidate 2 is released. That continues till they release a RC version that is good enough to sell and that is then printed and put into production to sell.
That is why it makes sense to divide the groups. That way they can have a beta tested, fix the problems, and have the new beta tested. If everyone was in the same group they would have to redownload the entire game since patches aren't accurate in a beta.

wiggles6664438d ago

What a crock of sh!t this is if it's true. I signed up for the contest but didn't win. So does this mean that someone who got a lucky draw of the hat gets rewarded and I get screwed after plopping down $60 into Microsoft's pocket (even though I absolutely love Crackdown)?

Boink4438d ago

it just sounds too bogus, why would they try and piss people off like that?

makes no sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.