Major League Baseball 2K7 Review (Xbox 360)

It's nice being the only game in town, something that the developers at Visual Concepts can probably attest to. Just as their counterparts at EA have the exclusive NFL license, 2K Sports' in-house team has the luxury of being the only third-party developer working on a Major League Baseball-branded title. However, while it may make their jobs a bit easier, is it the best thing for the consumers? After all, plenty of people got burned by last year's title, which featured a devastating crash bug that made the game nigh-unplayable. With no alternative to be found on the Xbox 360, it was a rough year for hardball fans. Thankfully, 2K Sports has made up for their past transgressions in a big way by releasing Major League Baseball 2K7, a game that will please anyone who gets goosebumps when pitchers and catchers report for spring training.

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