IGN: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Interview

IGN'S Greg Miller Writes: Don't deny it: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was awesome. Here at IGN, we named it the PlayStation 3 Game of the Year for 2007, chased down the Platinum Trophy and we pretty much loose our minds any time we see Nathan Drake's dreamy mug.

Imagine what it was like here the day Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was announced.

Today, IGN's running my first look at the title (Hint: it looks really good), but the PlayStation Team isn't satisfied with just telling you what Among Thieves looks like. We want to know about everything you want to know about -- Where's Elena and Sully? What about multiplayer? How long is this game going to be? Rather than just sit on these burning questions, I grabbed Naughty Dog Co-President Evan Wells and Creative Director Amy Hennig and held them up for answers about Nathan Drake.

What did they spill? Well, funny you should ask…

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DeforMAKulizer3543d ago

YAY!!! =D
Multiplayer somewhat confirmed with awesome single player! =D
Evan Wells:
"You know, it's really exciting how co-op and multiplayer are becoming exciting features for gamers. You're seeing a lot of great games that are taking advantage of that -- Left 4 Dead was a fantastic game, Gears co-op is awesome, Resident Evil 5's got a great co-op mode. It really does seem like it would fit the Uncharted universe well. It's something that we haven't concentrated on right now; we're really concentrating on bringing that single-player experience to the forefront and delivering the best single-player experience that is out there. At Naughty Dog, we're very excited about online games and multiplayer games, and it's something that we certainly will be looking at in the future. "

Helghast Slayer3543d ago

Hahaha 2009 is the year the ps3 pulls ahead of it's competitors in terms of raw graphical power and innovative gameplay.

Uncharted 2+stealth and free climbing=GOTY contender.

Wow the lack of news on the 360 is really depressing man lol.